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Things To Consider While Buying A Mattress

A mattress plays a huge but almost unnoticed role in our lives. Purchasing it isn’t easy because of the limitless options available in the market.  It deserves some research and attention beforehand. After all, the wrong choices can have a huge difference in our health. Put aside that confusion and choose the mattress that is best for you. But first, decide whether you want to buy mattress online or offline.

Buy Mattress Online or Offline: What’s Better?

The answer to this question, of course, varies from person to person. But what’s common for everyone is the confusion that happens amidst the purchasing of a new process. Whether you buy mattress online or offline, it is important that you do detailed and extensive research about the material composition, type of mattress, pricing, and other necessary details. 

Going to brick-and-mortar stores makes it a little tackier to research and compare the pros and cons. Moreover, who got the time to visit over 20 stores? Well, navigating through 20 different websites is an easier and more convenient task. You can shortlist the mattress based upon your preferences and pen everything down on a notepad.

Moreover, visiting hundreds of stores is tiresome and leads to poor research because of retailers and salesmen trying to brainwash you. We think it is better to buy mattress online as compared to offline for a number of reasons. There are of course, lesser hustles, better & flexible policies, deals & discounts, and more transparency.

What Else to Consider?

Types of Mattresses Available

If you buy mattress online, you will come across more options based on mattress types in comparison to stores. There are at least eight types of mattresses available according to various types of sleepers. These are air beds, memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, pillow tops, water beds, spring mattresses, and gel mattresses. A natural latex mattress is the best mattress for almost every person due to its exceptional comfort, quality, and support. 

Health Professional’s Advice

Before purchasing a new mattress, it is extremely crucial to think about your health condition and look for the options available. Consult a health professional such as an osteopath, physical therapist or chiropractor to take a note of their recommendation. They would suggest the best mattress according to your medical condition and need of the body.

Look for All the Options and Variations

Once you decide which mattress type you want to go for, look for all the variants available with the brand or store. Each mattress would have a variation that is specially made for someone. Maybe you want a thicker or a firmer mattress. Who knows your body likes the other variant than the one you first saw?

Support & Firmness of the Mattress 

Some people like to sleep on an extremely soft and plush mattress whereas others prefer mattresses that are really hard and firm. It is no good choice to purchase any of the extremes. It is better to opt for medium firmness to give required relaxation to the body. A mattress that is perfect for your body provides immense support to the spinal column and relieves body pain.

Mattress Trial

Trying a mattress and getting the real feel ensures that our decision is correct. If you buy a mattress from the store, you will hardly get 10-15 minutes for the trial. However, studies recommend that a mattress should be at least used for a month to notice the change in sleep routine and body. It is, therefore, better to buy mattress online and opt for a brand that gives at least 30 nights to 100 nights of a free trial.

Size of the Mattress

Mattresses come in a number of sizes depending upon the family members. Therefore, it is better to decide the size of the mattress you want, in advance. It isn’t necessary that your new mattress should have the same size as the previous one. Maybe you want a king or queen size this time. Or maybe you would like to try a huge single mattress rather than two separate mattresses on the same bed. 

Take Care of Your Budget

Getting your budget to slightly rise can boost up your sleeping experience. But don’t mess up with your pocket tremendously. Shortlist only those mattresses that are near your budget and then compare. You can also try looking for a brand that allows you to pay in installments. Remember, sticking around your budget is the most important. 

Look for Contemporary Benefits 

Before you seal the deal, make sure to keep in mind all the additional benefits you’re getting. While one mattress brand might offer you better returns policies, the other one might offer a longer trial period. Maybe one brand offers a 100% money-back guarantee but the other one has EMI or advanced warranty options with them.

The temperature of the Mattress

Many people wake up hot and sweaty every morning. The reason for this is, of course, the lack of air circulation or breathability in their mattresses. It is very necessary to invest in a mattress that contains cooling technology so that you can sleep cool all night long. Morning Owl latex mattresses sleep cool and do not trap heat at all. But they also provide a warm night’s sleep in winters. 

Durability & Warranty

It is a smart choice to invest in a mattress that is highly durable. Why waste money every 4-5 years if you can buy a mattress that has high durability of at least 25 years. A latex mattress can easily last you for 25 years but if you maintain it more properly, you can actually use it for up to 40 years. Also, you must select a brand that offers at least 20-25 years of warranty on the product. Buy mattress online and get better deals and warranty.

Don’t Ignore Your Allergies 

Always get yourself tested for any allergies before buying a new mattress. You might be purchasing an expensive mattress but it can harm you than doing well. Also, go for natural material in the mattress rather than opting one which is made up of synthetic or blended components. 

Bottom Line!

Whether you choose to buy mattress online or from any mattress store near you, what’s important is the time and effort you put into researching. After all, you have to sleep comfortably on that mattress and spend your hard-earned money on it. And most importantly, it is going to affect your efficiency at work, personal life and overall health.

It’s better to research and compare ahead of time rather than negotiating at the stores. Wishing you the best deals and delivery of the product! 

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