The market is cluttered with memory foam, spring mattress, cotton mattress and HR foam.
Why is latex considered the best option? Why is it more expensive than the rest?

Wondering if it is the best mattress for you?

Toxin Free

Latex mattresses are free of toxins. We live in a world plaguing with pollution. And when you sleep, you are spending more than six to eight hours on your mattress. You want to feel safe and protected. Memory foam mattresses incorporate solvent or water-based adhesives for binding, which can be noxious. Since we use the finest natural rubber and use only approved chemicals in a very small quantity, we produce safe products that do not emit carcinogenic substances

Mold and Dust mite Resistant

Latex is the only mattress that is naturally inhospitable to bed bugs and bacteria. Say Goodbye to odours and allergy symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, itching!

Mattress that Breathes

Latex regulates air flow and hence temperature remains optimal. It does not trap the body’s heat


Memory foam and other regular mattresses are more prone to wear and tear. Latex on the other hand has a longer life. What’s more, our latex mattresses are made from top-quality rubber, and they undergo rigorous testing for durability. In this way, we ensure that every single batch of mattresses is long-lasting and of the highest standard.

We care about our environment too!

Manufacturing process usually results in numerous by-products that are harmful to the health of the environment as well as humans. The noxious chemical used in the manufacturing of foam mattresses is an example of this. Our latex mattresses are made from natural rubber sap that is tapped from the tree. The manufacturing process too is almost chemical free. Besides, the trees of the rubber plantation take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, acting as a carbon offset program.

Great Option for Children

Do you often worry whether the product you bought is good for your kid too? Memory foam mattresses are too soft to offer the support that children need. The firmness of our latex products provides optimum support to ensure a pleasant sleeping environment for toddlers and growing children. Latex foam also absorbs kinetic energy, which means that if someone is crawling in and out of bed (partners or children), your sleep will not get disturbed by their movements.

So, on closer look, it becomes undeniable that latex mattresses are in every way superior to other mattresses. If you care about your health, there seems to be no reason to not invest in a latex mattress.

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