We are Eco-INSTITUT & OEKO TEX Certified!

At Morning Owl, we care about each aspect of the product and process – from extracting of the rubber sap to manufacturing of latex products to delivery of the mattress. Good customer experience is extremely important for us. Our latex mattresses and pillows have been continuously improving our custumers sleep. We're happy to announce that our latex is now Eco-INSTITUT & OEKO TEX Certified. Only mattress brand in India which has passed such high standards of scrutiny!

What is Eco-INSTITUT Certification?

Eco-INSTITUT Certification is given by the Eco Institute which is an approved testing laboratory located in Cologne, Germany. This institute tests bedding products to detect and evaluate the presence of pollutants, odors, toxins, and emissions. The eco-INSTITUT analyses and inspects the quality of the content present in a wide range of manufactured products.

Eco Institute tests each compound present in the product individually to assess genuiness and safety for all, including kids. They even test for emissions from the product. Once the product passes all the required tests, the certificate is issued.

Eco-institue is a world renowned body and their certificates are considered as a testimonial for pollutant and harmful chemical free products. They give confidence to the consumers that they are investing in something that is totally safe for them.

What Does It Mean To Be OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certified?

OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certification helps consumers make more informed purchasing decisions. OEKO TEX consists of 18 independent research and test institutes to detect the existence of harmful chemicals such as lead, arsenic, etc along with VOCs, pesticides, dyes, phthalates, etc. Some other materials that are tested at OEKO-TEX are heavy metals, chlorinated phenols, formaldehyde, chloro-organic carriers, products with low pH, etc.

Morning Owl latex has successfully attained OEKO Tex certification because it is 100% organic.

Annual testing of the product is necessary for this certification to remain active.

Buy Peace of Mind With Our Certified Mattresses & Pillows

Morning Owl latex is eco-INSTITUT and OEKO TEX Standard 100 certified . Rest assured,with us, you and your family are not exposed to any unsafe surface. We do not use any components that could be harmful to your health. We have cleared these tests and have attained the certifications to provide you a comfortable and safe sleeping experience.

You are the best and certainly deserve the best. Finding premium quality mattresses or pillows that do not contain any trace of harmful chemicals is not at all easy. Purchasing Morning owl mattresses and pillows with Eco-INSTITUT & OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certification will help you sleep peacefully at night, literally and figuratively.



Santhosh Gudur, India

Are you having a backache or looking

We were looking for Latex mattress as we already had one latex mattress from Foams India and were satisfied with the product. Enquired with Foams India and they were not ready to match the discount provided by My Morning Owl. As there was 100 day Free Trial and Return with no questions asked, we ordered Morning Owl Firm Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress 78"x60" 6 Inches, Thickness on Jan 7th 2021. We are extremely happy with the product. We also got two mattress free with the order. Service is extremely good. I also suggested my cousin to buy this product. They have purchased the same product and they are also extremely happy with product. So, I suggest everyone looking for latex mattress or suffering from back pain to go for this product with complete trust as this is the best product available in the market.