What to check for?

  1. Is the softness optimum?
  1. Does it suit your body weight and sleeping position?
  1. What kind of mattress should you prefer?
  1. Is it natural? Is it certified?
  1. Is it free of carcinogens?
  1. Does it attract dust and bacteria?
  1. Is the mattress cover removable and washable?
  1. How is the durability? How long will it last?

What to beware of?

  1. The certification a brand claims – what does it actually guarantee?
  1. Memory Foam, Bonded Foam and others are made from carcinogenic chemicals
  1. Look beyond the hyped cooling gel formula. Only latex mattress is capable of dissipating heat as only latex has open cell structure. Look for latex mattress with pin core technology for the best impact.
  1. Is saving a small amount by buying a cheaper mattress that you intend to use for more than 10 years and on which you will sleep daily for 7-8 hours, worth the negative impact it can have on your health?
Need more details? Read on!

What do most customers say about their mattress?

What matters the most?


Should be soft and comfortable yet give you that push so that you don’t sink in

Score on a scale of 1 to 10.
10 being the highestfor: Comfortthat is balanced with correct firmness for optimum spinal support


The most premium and sought-after international certification is Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX & eco-INSTITUT to prove that the material used is genuine natural latex and that it safe even for kids.

Other certificates do not carry much weight or stand for other insignificant properties.

Why do I care whether the product is natural?

Memory Foam, Bonded Foam and other mattresses are made of carcinogenic chemicals that emit harmful gases over their lifetime. Would you want to add on to your worries?

Latex is naturally dust and bacteria resistant. Say Goodbye to odours and allergy symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, itching.

Does mattress type matter?

Coir mattress can be too hard. Spring mattress is a leading cause for back pain. Cotton mattress soon loses its shape. Memory foam and bonded foam are carcinogenic.

While memory foam does offer a comfortable feeling, check out the video below to understand the difference in bounciness of memory foam and latex.


Only Latex has open cell structure. It is a mattress that breathes! Hence it regulates temperature. Not only is this comfortable for you, it is great for the mattress’s lifespan as well.

Memory foam and others do not allow air circulation and hence get heated up quickly. This affects their lifespan too.

Morning Owl mattress is genuine latex mattress that comes with Oeko and Eco certification and guarantees the comfort you have been craving for!

Latex suits all your personal requirements

Latex is the only mattress that can suit to all sleeping positions.

6" Latex supports combined weight of 200 kg. For collective weight of sleepers who weigh more than 200 kg, opt for 8" latex.

Which brand to buy?

Morning Owl mattress is genuine latex mattress that comes with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX and eco-INSTITUT certification and guarantees the comfort you have been craving for!

What more? Say you don’t fall in love within 100 nights (we’re sure you will), contact us to return the mattress for complete refund, no questions asked.

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