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Chemical-free 100% natural latex – sleep all natural, all night

Door Step Delivery – No Middleman Involved

High Durability – The Most Durable Mattress In India

Ergonomically Designed – Pressure And Pain Relief Properties

Anti-dust mite and anti-bacterial

Higher Comfort Index - Wake Up Fresh

No matter you are “young and energetic” or “tired and old”, you need a restful sleep at night to recharge yourself for the next morning. We know the importance of a good night’s sleep and this is why we have carefully designed a mattress for “YOU”. Morning Owl latex mattress in Kerala is the perfect solution to suit the body needs of everyone and deliver the comfort people are longing for.

Highly breathable and eco-friendly, we know what people look for a mattress in Kerala. We understand your special connection with nature and to procure it, we only use “certified natural latex” that also helps in reducing greenhouse gas emisiions in the environment.

Our premium mattress has unique features to provide support and comfort without trapping heat or hindering your peaceful sleep. Bacteria and dust-mites resistant, our mattress is the best and the safest sleeping surface for humid climates.

Talk To One Of Our Sleep Experts On How Our Products Could Add Value To Your Sleep Cycles, And Team Morning Owl Would Be Happy To Have Delivery Of Mattress In Kerala Done Right At Your Doorstep.

What People Says About Us

I am not the type of person who would post reviews online or socialize enough, in general. However, the Morning Owl mattress has worked wonders for me and I couldn’t stop myself from recommending it to everyone out there. If you want pure luxury, their mattress is the best one to sleep on.! -

- Debasis Sundhararajan

I am highly sensitive to allergens and was looking for a mattress that can keep dust mites, bacteria, etc, away. Also, I really feel suffocated in bed and hate mattresses that trap heat and make me sweaty while sleeping. This mattress has worked excellently for me in both these aspects. ! -

- Vijai Sritharan

This mattress helps me tackle the humidity and stay away from allergens. I no more sweat in bed and sleep relaxingly at night. Great for people who are looking for a breathable mattress.

- Indra Mudaliar

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