Morning Owl Luxurious Latex Mattress

(72”x30” 8 Inches)

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The Perfect Balance of Natural Materials for a Superb Natural Latex Mattress


Our natural latex is tapped from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber trees. It is selected for its durability, purity and sleep enhancing properties. Moreover, we only use eco-INSTITUT and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX Certified latex.


The inner cover is made of organic cotton which complements the properties of latex in maintaining your body at the natural temperature. We want you to sleep the way nature intended you to.


Our ultra-soft Tencel fabric cover is 100% Natural and Eco-Friendly. It is luxuriously soft, keeps moisture away and keeps the mattress cool. The fabric is even great for Sensitive skin.

Enjoy Two Firmness Options in One Mattress

Are you tired of searching for the right firmness? With our unique 2-in-1 design, the Morning Owl Luxurious Latex Mattress has both a soft side and a medium firm side, making it the perfect mattress for everybody. Simply flip your Morning Owl Luxurious Latex mattress to the side that feels best and say goodbye to restless nights.

Two Levels of Comfort, One Perfect Latex Mattress

By using two layers of our all-natural latex with different firmness levels, we’ve created a reversible mattress that caters to the desired comfort of every sleeper.
1. Ultra Soft Natural Tencel Cover
Our Tencel is an Eco-friendly fabric made out of Eucalyptus Tree. Even in hot temperatures, keeps the mattress cool. It is softer than silk. It even keeps the moisture away.
2. 100% Natural Cotton Inner Cover
The inner cover is made of pure organic cotton
3. "Soft" Natural Latex Layer
Place this side on top to enjoy delightfully responsive, 100% Dunlop latex layer that has an optimum softness.
4. "Medium Firm" Natural Latex Layer
Place this side on top for a mattress that offers medium firm support. This 100% natural dunlop latex layer offers medium firmness with an unbeatable comfort.
Country of Origin
Designed and handcrafted in Kerala, India
Construction & Materials

Made with a combination of 100% natural latex a for cloud-like sensation and comfortable sleep. The rare combination Tencel Fabric Outer cover and Cotton inner cover keeps you cool while you sleep.

8" Morning Owl Mattress:
  • Tencel outer cover
  • 100% natural cotton inner cover
  • 6 inches of 100% natural dunlop latex in medium firm (80 Density)
  • 2 inches of 100% natural dunlop latex in soft (65 Density)
  • 100% natural cotton inner cover
  • Tencel outer cover
Shipping Info
We ship via BlueDart.
Shipping Costs
Free shipping and free returns in India.
"100% Natural Dunlop - Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
100% Natural Dunlop - Eco-INSTITUT Certification
15-year limited warranty. Read more.

Why latex over other mattresses?

Most mattress brands in India use memory foam and bonded foam which are known to release minute amounts of gaseous chemicals called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Health effects associated with VOCs range from eye, nose and throat irritation to headaches and organ damage. Some VOCs, including benzene, acetaldehyde and formaldehyde, have been associated with increased cancer risk. The best way to protect yourself against these harmful VOCs is to switch to mattresses made of natural materials, like latex.

Your 100 Nights Home Trial Awaits


No one loves to pay for shipping! All Morning Owl mattress are delivered to your doorstep fast and free.


Enjoy the supreme comfort of Morning Owl mattress in the comfort of your home. Try our mattress for 100 nights before you make up your mind.


We understand how important it is for you to try a new product, especially if the offer is so irresistible! If you don’t love your mattress, we’ll come pick it up and refund your full amount.

India’s First Eco-Friendly Mattress

It’s nice to know that for creating a Morning Owl mattress, no trees need to be chopped down. Our latex is made from rubber tree sap using a completely sustainable process which does not require chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Our natural latex mattresses are made of 100% plant derivatives, which even makes them biodegradable. Our aim is to provide a happy, healthy life to all!

15-Year Warranty

Morning Owl latex mattress is designed to last. It adapts to your body’s needs as they change with time. By handcrafting each mattress in-house, we ensure that your new natural mattress will be comfortable, supportive, and long-lasting for years to come.



Helpful FAQs

All Latex for Morning Owl mattresses consist of 100% natural dunlop latex from Signature Foam (our Partner firm for Latex).

Morning Owl Latex mattresses are made up of Certified 100% Natural Dunlop Latex.

8” Morning Owl Latex Mattress:
Tencel outer cover
100% natural cotton inner cover
6 inches of 100% natural dunlop latex in medium firm (80 Density)
2 inches of 100% natural dunlop latex in soft (65 Density)
100% natural cotton inner cover
Tencel outer cover

We work directly with the largest latex plantations in India to bring you the highest quality all natural latex available on the planet, made from the pure sap of the Hevea Brasilienesis rubber tree. Our latex meets the stringent standards for both the Oeko-Tex 100 and Eco-Institut certifications, is harvested eco-responsibly, and we carefully observe the manufacturing and transportation process direct to our factory for quality assurance.

1"Medium Firm Dunlop 80 Density (31 ILD)
Soft Dunlop 65 Density (19 ILD)"

Morning Owl mattresses have 2 removal zipper covers. The outer zipper cover is made of Tencel fabric (strecth knit, non-woven). Tencel is an Eco friendly fabric made out of Eucalyptus Tree. It has an outstanding performance in hot temperatures and a superb touch. To top it off, it is softer than silk, more absorbent than cotton and cooler than linen. The inner zipper cover is made of 100% Cotton fabric(woven). This Naturally Hypoallergenic Cotton inner cover plays a dual role: Protects you from the heat of the summer and cold in the winter.

Every Morning Owl latex mattress is handmade to order in our mattress factory in Kerala, India. We ship from our factory directly to your door via BlueDart within 3-5 days from placing your order.

Unlike other mattresses, one of the huge advantages of buying a 8" Morning Owl Latex mattress is that you don’t have to choose your firmness right now. Every 8" Morning Owl Latex mattress has two firmness options built into its custom, flippable design. You can change your firmness at any time by simply flipping your mattress over. If you find medium firm surface uncomfortable, flip it!

There is a small label on your mattress which indicates which side is soft and which side is medium firm.

Morning Owl offers a worry-free, 100 night money back guarantee for all latex mattresses purchased through our website. We also offer free shipping and free return shipping, so it won’t cost you anything to give our mattress a try. If for any reason at all you don’t love your Morning Owl mattress, simply give our customer service department a call at 885-153-2800, and we’ll provide you with further instructions for returning your mattress for a quick & complete refund. We’ll then schedule a carrier to pick up your mattress at your home at no cost to you, and issue a full refund once it is received. We do also sell Morning Owl mattresses on Amazon and other 3rd party websites. If you purchase one of our mattresses through a 3rd party website and not directly through our website, shorter return periods and stricter return policies may apply to your purchase, based on that 3rd party website’s rules and regulations.

Rest assured, each Morning Owl Latex for Less mattress arrives with a full 15-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. For full details, please visit our latex mattress warranty page

Each Morning Owl mattress is handcrafted by experienced craftsman in our production facility and custom-made to order. We do not keep large stacks of mattress inventory sitting around our warehouse for years like some of our competitors. We handcraft your mattress using the freshest, finest natural materials just for you. It generally takes about 3-5 days to build and deliver your custom-made mattress, depending on your location. We’ll provide you with a BlueDart tracking number as soon as it’s built and shipped.

Memory foam and other such foam mattresses contain man-made chemicals and have a tendency to “off-gas”, i.e. create unpleasant odors. Memory foam due to its Closed Cell Structure, gets heated up. A natural latex mattress is one that is made from plant-derived latex rather than chemicals or synthetic petroleum-based latex. The 100% natural latex in our Morning Owl mattresses is made from the sap of the Hevea brasilienesis rubber tree, with no artificial chemicals or fillers. All Morning Owl natural latex mattresses also contain natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, and have a springiness and pressure-relieving properties that neither synthetic latex nor memory foam can match. We truly believe Morning Owl natural latex mattresses are the most comfortable, healthiest and safest mattresses available.

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