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Morning Owl’s natural latex Crib mattress is the ideal choice for your newborn among the commonly available chemicalized mattresses in the Indian market. Our Latex Crib Mattress is of 3 inch thickness and it comprises of medium-firm certified 100% natural latex foam which provides a perfect balance of softness and firmness to your little ones. Our mattresses are completely safe for your babies as our mattresses are completelty hypoallergenic, as it is certified natural.


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(147 x 71 x 8 cm)



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Certified Natural Latex

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Safe For

A Sleeping Baby is the New Happy Hour

From the time, someone is blessed with a baby, all we care is for them to have a good night’s sleep and undergo a healthy upbringing. On sleeping on a Morning Owl Natural Latex Crib Mattress, your little one not only gets a good night’s sleep, but is also benefitted with the supreme benefits that Mother Nature can provide. Speed up your Little One’s Growth by gifting him a plush and eco-friendly mattress to sleep on.

morning owl best latex mattress


Safe For Your Baby

We designed the crib mattress with the health of your baby's skin in mind. There are no chemicals utilized and just natural latex is used. And since our crib mattress is OEKO-TEX and ECO-INSTITUT certified, your baby would be sleeping on the best and safest natural latex crib mattress.

Free From all kinds of Allergies

Our all-natural Dunlop latex is hypoallergenic, which means it's resistant to germs and dust mites in all forms. Our Natural latex Crib Mattresses are also ECO-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX certified, which guarantees the inclusion of completely organic elements in the mattresses, so you won't have to wake up in the middle of the night to a wailing infant since your baby will be sleeping peacefully.

The Right Support for Your Baby

Sleeping on the Morning Owl Natural Latex Crib Mattress allows your baby's bones to align in a healthy posture, relieving some of the strain and enabling their muscles, veins, and arteries to relax.

What’s Inside Our Natural Latex Crib Mattresses

Our Natural Latex Crib Mattress comes equipped with 3 inches of organic Dunlop latex with a medium density of 80 kg/m³ and an ILD of 32. The natural latex crib mattress has an ultra-soft organic Tencel cover and a 100% organic cotton inner cover.

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Ultra-soft Tencel Fabric Outer Cover

Crib mattress is topped with the special tencel fabric suitable for toddlers. The fabric is ultra soft and cushy, perfectly built for babies.

layer 4



Want a firm support for your back?
The adequately firm latex foam helps carefully cradle your baby’s body according to his/her sleeping position and provides an appropriate amount of uplifting for a pressure-free and comfortable sleep.

Gift your Newborn a reinforced sleeping experience

Natural latex's responsiveness and breathability, along with the softness of organic cotton and the satin-like feel of ultra-soft Tencel fabric, provide your infant a unique and healthy sleeping experience.

morning owl best latex mattress

Health For You and Your Baby

Morning owl's organic latex foams are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified and Eco-INSTITUT Certified. These certificates attest to the absence of harmful substances in our crib mattresses. We guarantee that you and your family are not exposed to any harmful or poisonous substances

Healthy for the Planet

The Natural Latex Crib Mattresses are produced from 100% natural latex derived from the rubber tree. Keeping your newborn's growth in mind/ the crib mattresses are made using entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable commodities, since the main essence is derived completely from nature. What else is there to say? Rubber trees significantly reduce carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. As a result, growing them is an advantage in itself.

morning owl best latex mattress

Optimal Amount Of Back Support

To provide your baby with optimal amount of uplifting and back support, we use a medium firm latex layer on the mattress for the best sleep your little one can have. Morning Owl's Organic latex layer is free from synthetic additives and is completely safe for your baby's feather-like skin.

Highly Durable with 12 Months Warranty

The Latex Crib Mattress comes with a 12-months warranty for you to check whether your baby’s sleeping needs match with the crib mattress. We suggest you test the adaptability of the mattress with your newborn’s sleeping patterns during the warranty period.





The Morning Owl Crib Mattresses' Firm Support Provides a more Neutral-Spine Position During your infant’s sleep. Sleeping on an adequately firm mattress aligns your baby's bones, alleviating some, if not all, of the symptoms. The 3-inch latex foam provides your baby a firm yet plush surface to sleep on while automatically adapting to your baby’s sleeping positions.


The Crib Mattress is designed and handcrafted in Kerala and is filled with only organic materials. Our OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100: Class 1 certified latex (19.HIN.79546, Hohenstein HTTI) needs yearly lab testing to guarantee that no hazardous compounds, such as prohibited substances, toxic chemicals, pesticides, and dyes, are present as a consequence of processing.


The Crib Mattress comes with a 12-month warranty that covers any visible indentation and/or sagging of the mattress. Improper Use or any normal wear and tear are not covered in our 12-months warranty policy.
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Additional information may be found in our Blogs area. To discover more about the crib mattress and its benefits for your newborn, go to our website's 'Why Healthy' section. You can also refer to our “Success Tips” section for a more refined overview of the Morning Owl natural Latex Products.
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Good baby bed

Got a bed for my baby . Loved the product. Their customer service is good too. Will definitely recommend it !


Queen size medium firm 6 inch Mattress

I Ordered a queen-size medium firm 6" mattress and using it for almost 1.5 months. My experience is provided below. Responsiveness: From the time of booking to delivery the responsiveness of the company representative was amazing. Never had to call twice. A couple of times the executive could not take the call but called back immediately after his meeting was over. This gave me a lot of confidence. Delivery: Product delivery was on time. The packaging was very good and there were no issues. The product got into its original shape from the compressed form in 10 mins, but we started using it after 2 hrs as suggested by the company. Quality of the product: The product quality is actually as mentioned on the website. Firmness/Softness is perfectly balanced. We are 50+ and didn't feel any uneasiness or pain. Sleeping, sitting, relaxing became an absolute joy! The best part is when I spoke to the Latex manufacturer and supplier of Morning Owl, they also gave me a solid assurance that they stand by this company for quality assurance. Though I am using it for a limited time, I am sure that I have chosen the right product not only going by its committed quality but also by the responsiveness of the company. They provide additional confidence claiming they are authentic and will serve the client if anything goes wrong.

Arlikatti Vishal

I purchased a bed and a topper .

I purchased a bed and a topper .. they are amazing and very comfortable.. there is no smell of latex which is great feeling and comfort . I had some issues with the size and had to reorder the full team of morning owl were very kind and patience with my request. As a buyer I am not an easy one .. thanks to handle my all small queries and making the bed I was always. Needed . There is Lot to order we were waiting for the pandemic to go. My relatives loved the beds and shortly they are looking forward to order! Best of luck.

debashish choudhury

Terrific purchase

I ordered the morning owl natural mattress for my queen-size bed on 08th July 2021. I wanted a mattress that is durable and comfortable to sleep. After much research, I dumped the idea of buying a memory foam mattress and went for the natural latex mattresses. I was very skeptical about the quality of the mattress. But to my surprise, my decision was excellent. Till now I have been very happy with the quality of the mattress. It gives proper support and a proper bouncy feeling and the quality of my sleep has improved drastically. I consulted with the Morning Owl customer support team for purchase-related query and they advised me to go with the medium-firm mattress. I am really happy with my purchase decision. Thanking you Morning Owl.