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How to Buy Online Mattress in India | Do’s and Don’ts

Want to buy an online mattress in India but not sure what’s the right website? Wondering how you can search for the right mattress, make sure the mattress is worth purchasing and grab huge deals and discounts? Read to find all this valuable information in one place.

Purchase Online Mattress in India: Pick the Best One

Buying a new mattress, especially online, comes with a lot of doubts and confusion. Although there are millions of mattress buying guides out there, people are especially confused about whether to purchase a mattress online or not. Although we have talked about the benefits of buying an online mattress in India many times, today we are here to help you pick the right one for you.

If you want to buy the best mattress for yourself, you must make sure you decide which type of mattress you want to go for. You should also consult a medical professional to ensure if your body needs a specific type of mattress. Once you know what type of mattress you want, all you need to know is how you can pick the right one online.

Here are a few important things that you must take care of while purchasing a mattress online.

1. Decide the Shopping Portal

When you are buying anything online, it is most important to decide which portal you want to purchase from. Obviously, if you make a purchase from a trusted website, you will get assured quality, quick delivery, and 100% customer support. On the other hand, if you choose to buy from an unknown website just because of finding unreasonably low prices, you may be scammed and your shipment may never arrive.

So, we recommend making your purchase from a trusted online shopping portal. For India, we only recommend either purchasing a mattress through Amazon or Flipkart. If you are well-aware of the mattress brand and its quality, then you can also directly purchase from their own website.

2. Visit the Official Website

In case you decide to purchase from a popular Indian e-commerce website, we still recommend you to check the specifications, pricing, and everything once from the official website to cross-check everything.

3. Determine Your Budget

Most importantly, you should decide on a price range within which you want to purchase your mattress. Determining a price range helps select the best mattresses under your budget. However, don’t be too rigid and prioritize quality over the price if you end up paying a little more money.

4. Check for the Certifications

Once you have found a few interesting mattresses, get assured of their quality and claims by cross-checking their certifications. In the case of a natural latex mattress, we recommend looking for OEKO-TEX Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, BRIT QUALIS, and ISO certifications to be 100% sure of your decision.

5. Read the Policies Carefully

One of the biggest things you must consider while shopping for a mattress online is to read and re-read the policies very carefully. There are often many hidden policies that are unveiled after you have made a purchase. Make sure to check for all the return, cancellation, shipping, and replacement policies beforehand.

6. Look for Higher Warranty

Another factor to not miss while purchasing a mattress online is to pay high attention to the warranty period offered by the brand. You must shortlist mattress brands that offer at least 15 years of warranty on your purchase. This makes it a worthy, long term investment in one go.

7. Opt for a Mattress that Offers a Free Trial

We highly recommend considering brands that offer a free mattress trial when you are buying for the same online. After all, you cannot touch and feel the mattress until it gets delivered to your doorsteps. Moreover, we highly recommend shortlisting only those brands that offer over 90 days of free trial to be extra sure of your decision.

8. Look for Discount Codes

The biggest advantage of purchasing a mattress online is the availability of huge discount codes and seasonal offers which you generally do not get a lot in brick and mortar stores. Before sealing the deal, always make sure to compare the pricing of your shortlisted mattress on the official websites and other e-commerce stores to find which one of them offers the lowest price.

Moreover, we recommend trying web browser extensions such as “Honey” to find hidden coupon codes and save a little more.

Wrapping Up

We hope we helped you understand how you can buy an online mattress in India. Always remember that your body is precious and needs the best mattress. Do not make a hurried choice and make a quick decision. Take your time shortlisting, analyzing, and researching to bring home the best bed mattress.

Do not purchase a cheap mattress to save money. You might save some money while purchasing but you will end up spending twice or thrice of what you saved on your degraded health later. A low-quality mattress not only exposes you to risks of allergies but also causes chronic body pain and other issues.

Morning Owl manufactures 100% natural latex mattresses to help people of all ages and sleep positions get undisturbed sleep throughout the night. We offer to sell our mattresses at no-cost EMIs so that our high-quality mattresses are delivered in your footsteps without letting money be a barrier.

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About Morning Owl:

We Want To Make Healthy Sleep Accessible And Affordable.

Our Journey Began When Few Years Back One Of The Founding Team Members Set Out To Buy A Good Healthy Mattress. Most Of What Was Available Was Synthetic And Chemical Infused. Latex Mattress Sold Offline Was Way Too Expensive Because Of High Margins Imposed By Retailers.

The Mattress Most Consumers Use Are Made Of Carcinogenic Chemicals (Memory Foam, Bonded Foam Etc) Or Loses Its Shape/ Is Unable To Provide Proper Spinal Alignment ( Cotton Mattress, Spring Mattress Etc). Since We Live A Very Sedentary Life, Good Night’s Sleep Is Even More Important.

Sleep Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Lives. It Is When The Body Repairs Itself And Gets Ready For A Better Tomorrow. While Most Indians Are Overworked And Barely Get The Required 7-8 Hours Of Sleep, The Quality Of Sleep Is Also Very Poor.

We started Morning Owl with 3 basic mission points:

1: Provide Natural, 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows. No Chemicals And Completely Safe

2:Design Mattresses & Pillows To Lull You To Restful Sleep. Make Sure Your Spine And Neck Get Optimum Support.

3:Make Luxury Affordable! Remove The Middlemen And Their Margin. Straight From The Forests Of Kerala To Your Bedroom.

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  • All existing customers are auto-enrolled into the referral program and referral program is activated on their dashboard.
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