Toxic material mattress

The Insider Secrets to Toxic Materials in Mattress

One of the biggest things people take for granted is their mattresses. When most of us sleep, we assume it is perfectly safe and sound! 

Numerous research suggests that this may not necessarily be the case, as your mattress might emit minute amounts of potentially harmful chemicals into the air over time. This is something many people don’t even think about when they go out to buy a new mattress.

It can be problematic for people, especially those with respiratory difficulties, as VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can further increase the risk of asthma and other ailments. Knowing how to identify quality and safe mattresses is therefore vital for your health and well-being!

If you’re in the market for a new mattress and want a safe one that has been manufactured without toxic chemicals, then avoid the four common types of toxic materials mentioned below:

Toxic material #1 – Foam 

Memory foam mattresses have gained massive popularity in recent times, as they offer unparalleled pressure relief. 

Foam mattresses are developed from petroleum, and the process is quite toxic. The volatile organic compounds present in foams may cause harmful health effects like dizziness or an increased chance of cancer.

This kind of foam has fire-retardants added to it, which can also be harmful to our bodies. And here’s where Morning Owl’s natural latex mattress stands as an ideal alternative.

Foam is mainly in use because it’s cheap to produce – though not so cheap anymore when you take into account its health risks!

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers polyurethane foam fabrication facilities as potential sources of several hazardous air pollutants, including methylene chloride, toluene diisocyanate (TDI), and hydrogen cyanide. 


  • Can cause cancer
  • Damages liver, kidney, and central nervous systems

Toxic material #2 – Synthetic Latex

Synthetic Latex is an artificially made compound using petrochemicals that mimics the properties (molecular structure) of natural latex. 

Is it as safe as Natural Latex? No, not at all! First off, synthetic latex is made up of a couple of petroleum-based compounds – styrene and butadiene. On top of that, companies add more toxic chemicals during the actual mattress-producing process.

And yes, synthetic latex does off-gas, due to the chemicals in the mattress and the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), which disburse into the air you breathe. The chemical compound present in the mattress can cause serious harm to someone. 


  • Affects Central Nervous System (CNS)
  • Hearing loss
  • Weakness and depression
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Risk of leukemia and lymphoma

Toxic material #3 – Chemical flame retardants

Flame retardants are used on mattresses to pass required burn and smolder tests. Some of the chemical flame retardants used in mattresses are Antimony, Boric Acid, and Halogenated Flame Retardants. Flame Retardants are not only dangerous to the environment, but they could also be detrimental to human health. 


  • Delay in puberty and reproductive development
  • Disrupt thyroid hormones
  • Cause cancer
  • Harm sperm and their mobility
  • Harm brain and nerve function

Toxic material #4 – Vinyl

Vinyl production is highly harmful to the environment and human health. The production of Vinyl uses a mix of toxic chemicals and additives, which have been linked to health issues, including cancer. 

How to identify Vinyl? Well, if you come across waterproof beds & bacteria resistant beds, there is a good chance they are using vinyl since it is one of the cheapest ways to do this. Prolonged exposure to Vinyl can affect one’s health in many ways.


  • Asthma and allergies
  • Alters child behavior
  • Causes genital defects

Vinyl also contains Dixon, which is known for causing cancer, birth defects, and harm to developing brains. 

Drift towards natural mattresses 

Addressing the safety of your bedroom decor is paramount to ensuring your long-term health and comfort. 

Want to head towards organic and eco-friendly mattresses? MyMorningOwl is your ideal solution. We offer a 100% natural latex mattress with Eco-INSTITUT and OEKO-TEX Standard certification. Well, we are not boasting but these certificates confirm that our mattresses are devoid of hazardous chemicals and are even suitable for infants.

Why you should choose us? Give it a read.

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