Natural Latex Pillow

What are the benefits of sleeping on a Soft Latex Pillow?

Are you in the market for a new pillow?

Perhaps your current pillow has reached the end of its useful life. (Depending on the materials, this can range from one to two years.) Or perhaps you have a less-than-healthy memory-foam number and want to replace it with a non – toxic option.

We strongly advise you to replace it with a soft natural latex pillow, but only if you wish to improve your health as well as sleep. The choice is yours.

Latex pillows provide numerous comfort benefits, including the ability to sleep cool, provide above-average support, and contour your head and neck to gently cradle you to sleep.

However, the advantages of natural latex pillows do not end there.

A natural latex pillow is not only supportive, soft, and breathable. It may also be beneficial to your health.

Latex Pillow

Top 3 Reasons to Go for a Natural Latex Pillow

1. Combats all kinds of Dust Mites:

Do you have a persistent cold that you can’t seem to shake?

Runny nose, post-nasal drip (yuck), itchy eyes, and a persistent cough?

It could be an indication that you’re allergic to your pillow — or, more specifically, the dust mites that live in it.

If you have any of these symptoms, you may be among one of the 1.38 Billion people in India who have a dust-mite allergy.

Dust mites are found in approximately 80% of homes and are particularly fond of bedrooms. According to studies, the bedroom has the highest concentration of dust mites of any room in the house.

What does any of this have to do with a soft latex pillow?

Dust mites are not attracted to natural latex. So there will be no more unwanted, microscopic critters living inside your pillow.

Natural Latex is also antimicrobial. It is also mold and mildew resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your pillow spawning any back-of-the-fridge science experiments.

2. Least Toxicity:

Latex pillows are an excellent nontoxic substitute for memory foam or other synthetic polyurethane-foam pillows.

Did you know that memory foam was developed for NASA to protect test pilots during flights?

This super-dense foam was ideal for absorbing shock and keeping pilots and astronauts safe in the air — or space. 

After a few years, it made its way into consumer markets as cushioning for everything from mattresses to shoes.

Memory foam is a popular material in traditional mattresses and pillows. It’s also one of the most dangerous.

VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) exposure has been linked to:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Irritation of the throat and skin

Any many more….

The sap of the rubber tree is used to make natural latex. It’s whipped and baked into a lovely, airy “foam”-like material that feels just as good… if not better than memory foam.

And without all of the noxious off-gassing chemicals that could be hazardous to your health.

3. Relief From all Back-Related Disorders:

You’re probably aware that keeping your spine aligned is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to selecting the right pillow.

It’s also one of the most important factors in getting a good, restful night’s sleep.

Whether you sleep on your side or your back, the wrong pillow can cause you a world of pain.

A pillow that is too high or too low can put a lot of strain on your neck and even weaken the muscles in your neck and shoulders over time.

The right sleep posture can mean the difference between deep, restful sleep and sleep deprivation due to the inability to get comfortable enough to sleep.

Soft Latex pillows can adapt to your neck and shoulders, aligning your spine and removing pressure spots that might cause pain.

 The material’s supportive-yet-buoyant characteristics conform to your head and neck as you toss, flip, roll, and change positions during the night.

Many natural latex pillows, such as our all-time favorite Shredded Latex  Pillow, are made utilizing 100% Natural shredded Dunlop latex and can be customized to provide the right amount of support for your body and sleeping style for better alignment, as well as pressure relief you require to permanently eliminate pillow-related neck aches and pains.

What is the Learning Outcome?

Many individuals don’t give their pillows much thought. Until they assume their pillow is the source of their aches, pains, or allergies.

A latex pillow might be just what you’re looking for to sleep better and healthier.

The advantages of latex pillows vary from higher comfort to improved health support. 

Soft Natural latex pillows can last significantly longer than polyester, down, or synthetic-foam competitors due to the material’s durability and antibacterial properties.

That means the latex pillow you’re sure to like will be with you for the long run.

Cheers to the Latex Revolution!

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