Difference Between Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex Pillow

Are you impressed by how supportive and comfortable a latex pillow is? Do you want to invest in it and get the best of your sleeping experience? Now comes the difficult part – have you decided what is the best pillow for you? If you are concerned about which type of latex pillow should you go for and whether you should select between natural latex or synthetic latex pillow, we are here to make it easy for you.

Shredded, Solid Latex or Contour – What’s the Best Pillow?

If you are someone who sleeps on an extremely plush pillow so that you can bounce and jiggle all night long, go for a shredded latex pillow. This type of pillow sleeps cool and is made up by shredding latex foam into little pieces to make it fluffier. On the contrary, if shredded latex is not your proclivity, and you prefer something that is a little firm just like the traditional pillows, a solid latex pillow is the best pillow for you. 

Last but not least, the contour is a type of latex pillow that is specifically meant for people who suffer from cervical spondylosis and severe neck pain. 

What’s the Deal Between Natural and Synthetic Latex in Pillows?

Once you have decided what type of latex pillow is best for you, the main confusion ends up selecting the type of latex used. Latex, as you might know, is derived from the milky, white sap of the rubber tree which is also known as the Hevea brasilienesis. One of the major differences between natural and synthetic latex is the way it has been processed/collected. 

The natural latex used in pillows, as well as mattresses, is derived from the actual tapping of the rubber tree to collect the sap and process it into latex. However, synthetic latex, as suggested by its name, is obtained by blending some amount of latex with fillers and polymers to gain more quantity. This might seem like a minor difference but poses a major effect on the sleeper. 

Natural Latex Pillow Synthetic Latex Pillow
A natural latex pillow is only made up of the natural latex derived from the rubber tree. A synthetic latex pillow is made up by combining natural latex with various fillers and polymers. The main components used in these types of pillows are petrochemicals. 
Pillows made up of natural latex are environmentally responsible. Synthetic latex pillows are not at all eco-friendly. 
These pillows are highly durable and springy. The durability of these pillows is higher than natural latex pillows but is not as comfortable as compared to the fluffiness offered by natural latex.
Latex pillows that are 100% natural are the least toxic, hence very safe for the sleeper. Synthetic latex pillows cause allergies and are even carcinogenic.
The comfort offered by a natural latex pillow is matchless and gives a heavenly sleeping experience. Synthetic latex pillows are not as resilient and elastic as natural latex which hinders the comfort of the sleeper.
These pillows offer enormous support to the neck and contour to the shape of the head. The support and spinal alignment offered by synthetic latex pillows are not as cushioned and perfect as by natural latex pillows.
Natural latex pillows provide a buoyant supportive sensation as soon as the sleeper rests on them. Such types of pillows are not able to lift the head up as effectively as natural latex pillows which in turn fails in the required spinal alignment and pain relief.
These types of pillows sleep cool and offer excellent breathability. Synthetic latex pillows are responsible for trapping heat and offering the least ventilation.
Pillows made up of natural latex are more expensive as compared to synthetic latex pillows. Synthetic latex pillows may be cheaper in price but cause chronic pains in the body which is a huge disappointment.

Bottom Line!

Natural latex pillows are better in every aspect as compared to synthetic latex pillows. Hence, researching the health benefits they offer and investing in them is worth every penny. If you are looking for the best pillow for yourself and for your family, Morning Owl takes pride in assuring you that our pillows and mattresses are completely made up of natural latex. We have undergone a number of examinations and inspections to grab for your assurance eco-INSTITUT and  OEKO TEX certification

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