Best Memory Foam Mattress India vs. Natural Latex Mattress

Best Memory Foam Mattress India vs. Natural Latex Mattress

Are you amongst those people who think natural latex mattresses are only hyped but not good? Wondering if a natural latex mattress can compete with the best memory foam mattress India in terms of quality, comfort, support, and whatnot? Read to find what’s best amongst memory foam and natural latex mattresses!

Memory Foam vs. Natural Latex

Best Memory Foam Mattress India vs. Natural Latex Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are one of the bestselling ones in India but ever since the mattress industry has become more transparent than over, people are learning about the “hidden truths” about how their mattresses are made – thus preferring natural latex mattresses over memory foam ones.

Although highly supportive and known for treating back pain, memory foam mattresses are now outranked by natural latex mattresses. After all, latex mattresses offer the same and even better support with added benefits than memory foam mattresses. Furthermore, the biggest reason informed buyers prefer natural latex over memory foam is that the former is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic while the latter isn’t.

Finding the Best Memory Foam Mattress India

If we forget this comparison for a moment, what’s the best memory foam mattress India? Thinking about various brands? Well, we think differently. Let’s not talk about brands here. Let us talk in general about which is the best memory foam mattress in India. After all, memory foam mattresses have multiple variants too.

Some are extra soft, or soft, while others are thick or extremely thick. This and that – and each variant varies in its specifications, support, and most importantly, pricing. If you were to ask us what is the best memory foam mattress India regardless of many of its disadvantages, our answer would be as follows:

1. Highly Comfortable

No matter which mattress type is it, the first thing that makes a mattress highly loved by the sleeper is its comfort level. Doesn’t really matter if it is expensive or cheap, latex or memory foam, coir or spring! The first thing that makes a mattress worthy of being called “best” is its comfort.

2. Medium Thickness

Again, no matter what type of mattress it is, sleep experts and mattress consultants always recommend the one with a medium thickness. We recommend buying a memory foam mattress of around 6 inches if you are looking for the best one. (But we are not at all saying that the memory foam mattress is the best mattress of all!)

3. High Warranty

When you are making a purchase, you must make sure you’re getting as many perks as possible. The best memory foam mattress is the one that is durable and promises you at least 15 years of warranty.

4. Medium Density

Memory foam mattresses come in three density options viz. high, medium, and low. We find the medium one the best memory foam mattress as it isolates motion transfer, lasts long, and is supportive.

5. Memory Foam Type

Memory foam mattresses are available in various foam options giving different softness and support levels to each one of them. Out of the traditional memory foam, gel memory foam, and open-cell memory foam, we recommend the open cell memory foam mattress as it is better amongst all three types.

The traditional memory foam is soft and supportive but traps a lot of heat and makes the sleeper sweaty and suffocated. On the other hand, gel0infused memory foam mattresses are not very durable. Sleeping on the open cell memory foam mattress will give you a comfortable and relaxing sleep at night while ensuring you the mattress has a fair amount of air circulation inside. This type of memory foam is better than the other two types and disperses heat well.

Why Does Natural Latex Mattress Outshine Memory Foam Mattresses?

Even if you carefully pick the best memory foam mattress India after keeping all the important points in mind, you can still not experience the incredible support and comfort offered by a natural latex mattress. Some of the main reasons natural latex mattresses are now preferred over memory foam mattresses by everyone are:

·         Memory foam isn’t natural and cannot be 100% hypoallergenic even if it claims to. On the other hand, 100% natural latex mattresses are completely environment-friendly and safe to sleep on.

·         Memory foam has low heat dispersion and air circulation even if it is the “most breathable” variant. Latex mattresses have pin core holes punched inside making them more breathable and summer-friendly.

·         Although memory foam mattresses are very supportive, they increase discomfort due to heat-trapping and suffocation.

·         Memory foam mattresses do not have high motion isolation as compared to natural latex mattresses.

·         Natural latex mattresses push the sleeper back instantly once he or she lies down on it. On the other hand, memory foam mattresses sink under the sleeper’s weight.

The Bottom Line

No matter how good of a variant it is, a memory foam mattress will still be memory foam. It cannot be natural, it cannot be as breathable as natural latex. Most importantly, memory foam mattresses are not as durable as natural latex mattresses which can last for up to a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 40 years.

Don’t believe if natural latex mattresses are seriously so good? Purchase Morning Owl’s 100% natural latex mattress and avail 100 nights of free trial to experience the amazing benefits yourself. If you don’t, you can return our mattress to us!

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