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Why Should You Use A Latex Topper? How Will It Help You?

When we chat with our clients, the same reasons keep coming up. Many people are first unclear of their rationale for purchasing a latex mattress topper and believe that their explanation is unique.

The most frequent reasons individuals buy latex toppers are surprisingly astonishing. 

Recently purchased a new mattress, but it is far too firm to sleep on

It’s difficult to predict how a mattress will feel over time. After sleeping on a mattress for 5 hours vs. testing it out for 5 minutes at the shop, the hardness of the mattress will most likely feel different to you. It’s all too simple to make a blunder. Just because a mattress is a bit too firm doesn’t imply you’ve made a blunder. 

Many of our clients are pleased with their new mattress but wish it were a little softer. This condition calls for a soft or medium-firm latex topper. Although if the issue is minor, then a latex topper will get the job done.

Worn Out and Inconvenient Mattress

Adding a latex mattress topper to an old mattress may breathe new life into it. A latex mattress topper is a wonderful and cost-effective option to buying a new mattress if you have an old mattress that has gotten more uncomfortable. 

Soft polyurethane foam is commonly found at the top of mattresses. Over time, polyurethane foam will deteriorate and lose its stiffness. This process may occur sooner than you think, depending on the mattress’s quality (expensive does not necessarily imply greater quality!).

latex topper

After the foam has lost its hardness, the springs beneath it frequently stay in good shape.

The mattress will feel harder since the soft cushion supplied by the foam has been removed, leaving only the stronger springs below. Adding a latex mattress topper to your existing mattress can restore the cushioning that the polyurethane foam supplied previously. 

Latex foam is significantly more supportive than polyurethane foam, so your old, worn-out mattress will likely be more comfortable than ever. The best aspect is that, unlike polyurethane foam, you won’t have to worry about latex foam disintegrating. Latex foam has a long lifespan, often exceeding 20 years.

Sleeping On a Warm Mattress

Latex toppers are ideal for placing on the surface of a heated bed since they breathe effectively. 

On the top layer of many mattresses, memory foam is used. Memory foam traps heat and has no air channels via which it may escape. Latex foam breathes naturally and has air passages that allow air to flow through it.

Choose a thicker latex topper to create an appropriate barrier between your body and the mattress underneath when using a latex topper to alleviate heat concerns with a mattress. 

Also, keep an eye out for other items on the mattress’s surface. It might be tough to combat the heating effects of synthetic and non-breathable materials on a mattress’s surface.

Heating After Effects of Memory Foam Mattresses

Although we do not offer memory foam, we must confess that memory foam appears to be “cooler” than latex foam at first glance. Unfortunately, many customers discover that their “cool” memory foam mattress in the store is just not pleasant to sleep on. 

latex topper

It becomes heated, as previously said. Customers frequently express their dissatisfaction with the way their memory foam mattress collapses in on them. Memory foam’s sluggish movement, which makes it appear “cool” in the store, may be a major issue for individuals when they sleep on it.

Because their memory foam mattress prevents them from moving about in their sleep, many people find themselves waking up often during the night. Latex foam, on the other hand, is extremely responsive, moving with you to give support at all times.

While memory foam will battle you every time you move, latex foam will quickly adapt to keep you comfy.

Subjective Choices

When it comes to mattresses, we speak with a lot of consumers who have taken matters into their own hands. We provide a variety of latex foam toppers that may be utilized to make your mattress. 

Our vast range of 100% organic latex toppers is ideal for anyone looking for a chemical-free, ecologically friendly mattress.

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