best mattress in India for back pain

Why is Latex the Best Mattress in India for Back Pain?

Do you wake up with a painful and dull body every morning? Do you feel demotivated and unenergized to continue your day throughout? If yes, that’s because you are not sleeping on the right mattress. It is time to switch to the best mattress in India for back pain to say goodbye to all your body aches.

The Best Orthopedic Mattress: Options Available in the Market

The Indian mattress industry is full of cheap as well as expensive mattress options. Every variant claiming to provide the “right orthopedic support” makes it difficult for customers to decide what’s the ideal orthopedic mattress for them. If you are also looking for the best mattress in India for back pain, you need not get confused.

Although we recommend a natural latex mattress for back pain, here is something we want to put out there. Before making your purchase, you need to understand the types of mattresses available in the market. While all of the mattress types claim to, we’d only talk about a memory foam mattress as it is the most competitive and one of the highly sold mattresses for back pain in India.

Latex vs. memory foam is usually a very common topic of debate for finding the best mattress in India for back pain. We, however, do not recommend it despite its softness, comfort and support. This is because a memory foam mattress is made using a polymer called polyurethane. It is made using certain other chemical compounds and additives to get in shape.

While it is not eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, the bigger reason we don’t support it is that memory foam mattresses use the body heat to get soft. This might feel comfortable at first but is not as this leads to poor breathability, sweat and exhaustion and most importantly, heat-trapping.

Natural Latex Mattress: The Best Mattress in India for Back Pain

Here are the major reasons why a natural latex mattress is considered better than memory foam and hence, the best one for back pain:

1. Nature-Friendly

Derived from the sap of the Rubber Tree, latex is completely eco-friendly and doesn’t harm nature in any way.

2. Reduces CO2 from the Environment

The collection of sap not only avoids harm to nature but also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.  This is because a rubber tree neutralizes around 90 million tons of CO2 annually to produce latex sap.

3. No Chemicals Used

If you are buying a 100% natural latex mattress, you can be assured through the certifications that the mattress has been manufactured using natural and eco-friendly additives, without the use of any harmful compounds and chemicals.

4. Medium Firmness

It has been proved by many scientific studies that you must sleep on a medium-firm mattress to get rid of your body pain. A latex mattress is neither very soft nor very hard.

5. Proper Cushioned Support

One of the best properties of latex is to cradle the body and provide optimum cushioned support as soon as the sleeper lays down.

6. Buoyancy

When you sleep on a memory foam mattress, you sink into the mattress whereas a latex mattress has a buoyancy that pushes you back when you lie down.

7. Reduced Pressure Points

With optimum support, a latex mattress divides your body into various zones so that the pressure points are distributed evenly. This reduces sore pressure points while treating and preventing body pain.

8. Right Spine Alignment

A latex mattress is best known for properly aligning your spinal column in the right way.

9. Improved Posture

Proper spinal alignment also improves the posture which in turn is very useful in reducing back pain.

10. Breathability

A latex mattress has pin core holes punched into it to improve the air circulation inside the surface. This not only helps you sleep cool but also improves the blood circulation inside your body. Proper blood flow is hence, very useful in reducing stiffness in the muscles and making the aching area better and more flexible.

The Bottom Line

Are you as amazed to know the amazing properties of a natural latex mattress as us? We know you are. It is time to find the right mattress brand. Make sure to do proper research about specifications, trial period, warranty, policies, and most importantly, certifications of all the brands that you shortlist. Morning Owl provides 100 nights of a free trial along with exclusive discounts to all its customers.

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