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Why is a Natural Latex Mattress Completely Safe For Babies?

Latex Mattress: Best Material for Babies to Sleep On

Babies are sensitive and need extra care. When it comes to their mattress, parents should be one step ahead to find the perfect sleeping surface. After all, a baby mattress must be highly supportive, super comfortable, very cool, and extremely safe. So, “what’s the best mattress for my baby?”, you ask. It is, of course, a latex mattress. Want to know why? 

What Makes a Latex Mattress Best for Babies?

Here are a few reasons that make a latex mattress completely safe for little bubs:

1. Eco-Friendly: Natural latex is obtained from the milky sap of the rubber tree and is hence an eco-friendly material. 

2. No Harmful Chemicals or Toxins: Rubber trees do not involve the use of any chemicals or toxins – from plantation to processing of latex. 

3. Reduces Carbon Footprint on the Earth: Rubber trees largely absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, so they reduce carbon dioxide and greenhouse emissions. Also, the collection of latex from the rubber tree doesn’t create any type of pollution. Being a highly nature-friendly material, a latex mattress is one of the safest mattresses for babies. 

4. Resistant to Moulds, Mites, Bacteria, Microbes & Fungi: Most of the mattresses are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. On the contrary, a natural latex mattress is resistant to dust moulds, mites, mildew, bacteria, microbes, and fungi. If you choose a latex mattress for your baby, you can be sure of no risks.

5. Hypoallergenic: A latex mattress is also resistant to allergens and doesn’t cause any type of respiratory or skin allergy. 

Bottom Line:

These factors only focus on the safety aspects of a latex mattress for babies. It is the best choice in terms of comfort and support as well. However, you should make sure that the latex mattress you buy is made of 100% natural latex. Synthetic and blended latex involve the usage of chemicals in them and hence, are not safe for babies or adults.

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