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Why Buy a Latex Mattress?

Are you confused about what a latex mattress is and why is it a bestseller? Do you want to know why you should also switch to one? Read to know the top reasons why sleep experts around the world suggest sleeping on a natural latex mattress instead of any other mattress type.

Latex Mattress: A Wonderful Sleep Accessory that You Must Own

A natural latex mattress is one of the most popular and most recommended mattresses for anyone. Be it an infant or a senior citizen, an adult with a sedentary lifestyle or an active one, a patient or a pregnant woman – latex mattresses work wonders for people of all types. Most importantly, this type of mattress provides exceptional benefits to the sleeper despite the sleeping position he or she prefers.

One of the biggest priorities for mattress consultants while suggesting one is to make sure the mattress is safe to sleep on, supportive, and most importantly, very breathable. Although coir, spring, and memory foam mattresses are also highly sold in the market due to their high promises and low prices, these mattresses cannot win over a latex mattress.

The reason for the same is because a latex mattress is like a perfect blend of all the amazing properties you could ask for in a mattress. It is bouncy, comfortable, medium-firm, hypoallergenic, supportive, and whatnot. Want to know these exceptional qualities of latex mattresses in-depth? Just keep on reading and you’ll know why you should switch to a natural latex mattress.

Top 10 Reasons You Need to Replace Your Existing Mattress with a Latex Mattress Today!

Here are the main reasons why it is highly recommended to sleep on a latex mattress instead of any other type of mattress:

1. Toxin Free

When we talk about latex mattresses, please note that we only recommend natural latex mattresses as they are completely safe and free from harmful chemicals. Natural latex mattresses are made using the milky sap that is derived very hygienically from the Rubber tree. From the collection of sap to processing and manufacturing, a no-toxin approach is applied at every point.

2. Eco-Friendly

During the collection, the latex sap does not harm the Rubber tree or the environment in any way. Instead, it helps reduce pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide from the surroundings. It has been estimated that a rubber tree absorbs approximately 36.7 tons of CO2 from the environment every year.

3. Hypoallergenic

The nature-friendliness and usage of zero additives or harmful chemicals make a natural latex mattress hypoallergenic and resistant to dust molds, mites, bacteria, etc. So, if you choose to sleep on it, you can be assured about having no bacteria growth or bed bugs inside your mattress. Moreover, your mattress will also protect you against off-gassing, odor, and allergic reactions such as itching, sneezing, congestion, etc.

4. High Breathability

The biggest factor that differentiates latex mattresses from their competitors is their ability to breathe. Due to thousands of pin core holes punched in the latex foam, these mattresses have excellent air circulation in them.

The high breathability not only ensures that the mattress regulates the temperature to keep you cool and sweat-free even in hot weather conditions but also improves the blood circulation inside your body to relax your muscles and sore pressure points. This in turn also helps reduce body pain and stiff muscles.

5. Durability

A latex mattress, especially at Morning Owl, undergoes rigorous testing procedures to get certified and be ready for shipping. Furthermore, latex is a naturally very durable material and this type of mattress can easily last you long for about twenty to twenty-five years. However, it can even last longer if you take proper care.


6. Zero Disturbance

Latex mattresses isolate motion transfer and absorb the kinetic energy around you so that even if you are sleeping with a disturbing partner or a pet, you can sleep undisturbed.

Zero Disturbance

7. No Electromagnetic Radiation

Unlike spring mattresses, latex mattresses make sure that you and your kids are as safe as possible. Since these types of mattresses have zero-metal content in them, they do not absorb or amplify electromagnetic radiation in the body while sleeping.

8. Highly Supportive

While some mattresses in the market are too soft, others are too firm. With its exceptional medium firmness, a latex mattress is very comfortable and supportive. It conforms to the curves of the body perfectly and makes sure that the spinal column is appropriately aligned as you sleep throughout the night.

9. Promotes Pain Relief

When your body gets the right support, all sorts of aches are gone in no time. Natural latex mattresses reduce the sore pressure points inside the body and make sure your weight is evenly distributed across the surface. So, if you have chronic back or neck pain, these types of mattresses are sure to help you.

10. No Noise

Despite these amazing benefits, latex mattresses are highly preferred to be used as crib mattresses as they do not make any sort of noise while bearing weight. Since infants have an irregular diurnal cycle in the initial months, latex mattresses make sure they sleep undisturbed and comfortable.

Blown Away? Try Morning Owl Today!

We are sure you got to know about a lot of benefits of latex mattresses – even more than you had imagined. Wondering if we’re saying the truth? Try yourself today! Order your Morning Owl 100% Natural Latex Mattress and get 100 nights of a free trial. If you do not experience these amazing benefits, we’ll keep our mattress back without asking you any questions! Enquire today and grab your exclusive discount too.

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