Mattress in Hyderabad

What Type of Mattress in Hyderabad is the Best?

Browse through this little guide to know what’s the best mattress in Hyderabad? Buy a mattress Hyderabad that has temperature regulation properties to keep you sweat-free at night.

Top Mattress in Hyderabad for a Perfect Sleep

Living amidst the hot and dry weather conditions of Hyderabad can make anyone exhausted. If you are looking for the best mattress in Hyderabad, buy a mattress with excellent air circulation and breathability. You need a mattress manufactured using pin core holes technology to beat the scorching heat.

However, with endless mattress types in the market, it can be difficult to find an ideal mattress. The most commonly sold mattresses in India are spring mattresses, coir mattresses, memory foam mattresses and natural latex mattresses. So, if you want to buy a mattress that supports your back while keeping you cool at night, we will help you find the best mattress for your family.

Mattress Hyderabad: Which Type is the Best?

Although spring and coir mattresses are highly sold across the brick and mortar mattresses stores in India, they are not the best choice for people looking for premium quality. Cheap in price and quality, these mattresses are neither very supportive nor very breathable. Such mattresses are also either quite noisy or very firm – making the sleeper feel uncomfortable at night.

Memory Foam mattress Hyderabad are loved by many due to its soft texture and supportive nature, such mattresses are not recommended by sleep experts. This is because memory foam mattresses are made up of artificial compounds along with chemicals and additives. Though highly supportive, comfortable and durable, these mattresses are not hypoallergenic.

This means they are not naturally resistant to dust moulds, mites, allergens, bacteria, fungi and microbes. Furthermore, such mattresses are not eco-friendly too. Most importantly, memory foam mattresses are not breathable and end up trapping the body heat. This in turn suffocates the sleeper at night, making him sweaty and exhausted.

So, to beat the dry and humid climate of Hyderabad, a natural latex mattress is the best choice. It is nature friendly and highly breathable. Such mattresses do not involve any use of harmful chemicals while manufacturing. Made using pin core holes technology, latex mattresses are bouncy and breathable.

The enhanced breathability also improves the blood circulation inside the body and promote deep sleep. This keeps the sleeper cool at night, without any suffocation or heat-trapping. With medium firmness, natural latex mattresses also provide exceptional zonal comfort to the body thus reducing and eliminating back pain.

A Word of Caution!

Since natural latex mattresses are the best choice for buying a mattress in Hyderabad, one must ensure that the mattress is natural. Many brands also manufacture latex mattresses using synthetic or blended latex. Such mattresses are not hypoallergenic and pose threat to our skin and health. While buying a natural latex mattress, please look for the certifications and warranty of the product. 

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