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What Makes a Latex Foam Mattress Bouncy & Breathable?

Want to buy a new mattress that prevents and reduces back pain while keeping you cool and sweat-free? You must buy a latex foam mattress as it is scientifically proven to be very bouncy, breathable, and orthopedic. Read to know what makes a latex mattress perfect to sleep on.

Latex Foam Mattress: The Best Sleep Accessory for All Types of Sleepers

Considering the countless types of mattresses available in the market, it is very important to buy one that possesses all the properties required for giving the right support to the body. Some bestselling mattresses such as spring and memory foam may have a lot of benefits but have some disadvantages that make it harmful to buy them.

A latex foam mattress however makes sure a sleeper gets all the comfort and support required by his body while eliminating all the cons of other bestselling mattresses. The biggest cons of a memory foam mattress include its core material that involves harmful chemicals and its heat-trapping properties that makes a sleeper suffocated at night.

Similarly, a spring mattress is bouncy and comfortable but doesn’t offer the right support and is noisy and disturbing. So, a latex foam mattress eliminates all these issues and compiles all the best properties required in a mattress. It is eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, springy and comfortable, medium-firm and highly supportive, and most importantly breathable.

Why You Must Buy a Breathable Mattress?

Breathability is one of the most important things to consider while buying a new mattress. This is because a mattress that doesn’t have good breathability keeps you hot and uncomfortable at night. This eventually affects your sleep quality and performance at work. Moreover, it harms your health as well.

If you sleep on a mattress with bad air circulation, you toss and turn a lot to find a comfortable position. This further exaggerates the sore pressure points causing you body pain. A breathable mattress, on the contrary, ensures you sleep cool and comfortable all night long. It also makes sure that the sore pressure points are relieved and your spinal column is properly aligned.

Furthermore, sleeping on a breathable mattress improves the blood circulation in the body. This in turn reduces muscle stiffness and makes the body more flexible. Apparently, sleeping on a breathable mattress reduces your chances of discomfort, heat-trapping, sweating, and body pain at night.

What Makes Morning Owl Latex Mattress Bouncy & Breathable?

Morning Owl 100% natural latex foam mattress is manufactured using pin core holes technology. Hence, thousands of tiny holes are punched in the latex foam during the processing of latex sap. Once the latex foam is punched with small holes, it becomes very bouncy and springy after getting into the desired mattress shape.

This also makes our mattress highly breathable and improves the air circulation inside it. Morning Owl natural latex mattress is hence perfect for sleepers who live in hot and humid areas. Despite the hot climate, you can sleep comfortably without heat-trapping or sweating.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Breathability of a Latex Mattress

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the improved air circulation of a latex mattress.

Should baby mattresses be breathable too?

Yes. More than an adult mattress, it is important for crib mattresses to be very breathable. This avoids the chances of suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome.

Does a breathable mattress look any different?

Yes. Morning Owl mattresses have pin core holes punched into them that you can easily see on the mattress surface.

Can breathable mattresses reduce lower back pain?

Yes. If you sleep on a natural latex mattress, the improved air circulation inside the surface can reduce sore pressure points in your back and regulate the blood flow thus leading to pain relief.

Are all latex mattresses breathable?

No. Only a 100% natural latex mattress that has been manufactured using pin core holes technology is highly breathable.

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