Memory Foam Mattress

What Are The Grey Areas Of Buying A Regular Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress is still considered to be the most wanted mattress all over the globe. The reason behind, is it’s super plush feel and luxurious comfort. It is the most popular foam around the world; the reason being, with time, it has only gotten better. Various brands are coming up with distinct memory foam mattresses of varying thickness and density. Some are blending it with other material, while others are focusing on giving it different technological touch to enhance comfort. All this sounds great unless someone explains what kind of toll it takes on the environment as well as the sleeper’s health.

Not many of the customers are aware of the implications of a memory foam mattress. This is because, the brands selling it, cannot highlight the side-effects of such a mattress. This will lead to a negative impact on the product, eventually leading to downfall of sales. Therefore, being a responsible buyer, you should be aware of the effects of a memory foam mattress before investing in it.

What are grey areas of buying a memory foam mattress?

1. Toxic raw-material

Manufacturers add chemicals to polyurethane foam to create memory foam. This makes the mattress a huge waste material after you dump it. This leads to landfill.

2. Off-gas

The chemical content leads to the release of an unpleasant chemical odor when opened. This happens due to the breaking down of VOCs at room temperature. This can lead to breathing problem and other health issues.

3. Lower responsiveness

Memory foam usually takes a longer time to retain it’s original shape. A sleeper might feel that his body is sagging and got stuck in the foam.

4. Makes you sleep hot

Memory foam traps body heat and therefore a sleeper might feel hotter sleeping on it in a hot climate.

5. Not environment-friendly

Much of the process is performed by chemicals or rather, it’s actually a byproduct of harmful chemicals that affect the environment adversely.

6. Non-biodegradable

Memory foam mattress is non-biodegradable, i.e. it’ll sit on the land for years and would lead to landfill.

7. Not durable

The maximum life of a memory foam mattress is 8 years. Right after this time period (or at times even before), it will start showing signs of wearing out completely.

We understand that comfort is the key to sleep, and memory foam is an excellent material for comfort. This being said, it has to be kept in mind that our planet is slowly dying out because of incessant release of toxic chemicals on the surface of the earth and Memory foam is one of the major contributors in the process. Not only this, it is not even considered for a healthy sleep. In order to make a conscious investment, we have an amazing alternative which now, can be considered a safe haven for ultimate sleep and luxury. Natural latex mattress is a 100% organic product which is designed to impart a safe experience to sleepers. It is manufactured keeping in mind the health of the environment as well. If you wondering how to make a better move in buying a mattress, make sure you opt for a green and sustainable product, which is safe for your family as well as the ecosystem.

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