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Top Mattress Brands in India 2020

With countless brands and unending claims, it is hard to shortlist the best mattress brands in India. If you are looking for the best brands to find your ideal mattress, we have got you covered.

Best Mattress Brands in India that You Must Know

Selecting the right mattress brand not only gives you a supportive accessory to sleep on but also gets you excellent customer service, a longer warranty, and better policies. If you want to know the top mattress brands in India, we have compiled them regardless of their mattress types. Our compilation is based on customer reviews and product specifications.

However, putting out a particular brand doesn’t mean we endorse the product or suggest you go for that type of mattress. For knowing how to select your ideal mattress type, please browse our Mattress Buying Guide. Moreover, as a conscious buyer, it is your responsibility to choose the right mattress after comparing the brands, pricing, specifications, etc.

1. Morning Owl

Morning Owl has become every Indian’s favorite latex mattress brand within no time. With an utmost focus on hygiene and a chemical-free approach, Morning Owl manufactures premium quality latex mattresses in various sizes, thicknesses, etc. Each Morning Owl mattress is OEKO-TEX Standard 100, eco-INSTITUT, BRIT-QUALIS, and ISO certified.

The brand focuses on manufacturing highly breathable mattresses that keep the sleeper cool and improve the blood circulation inside the body. Their mattresses are medium-firm and ergonomically designed to provide the required support to the spinal column. The brand has flexible returns policies, offers 100 nights of a free trial, and gives a zero-interest financing facility to each customer.

2. Sleepwell

Highly focused on offering comfort, Sleepwell is the second most loved mattress brand in India. Popular for manufacturing India’s first customizable mattress in a box, Sleepwell manufactures gentle and firm layers to flip the mattress according to the requirement. From pocket spring to latex, the brand has a wide range of mattresses for each type of customer. However, the brand only provides 30 nights of free trial and 5 years of limited warranty.

3. Wakefit

Popular for its memory foam mattresses, Wakefit needs no introduction. Each mattress has exceptional body contouring properties to provide the right back support. The mattresses are medium-firm and comfortable. The brand also offers 100 nights of free trial and 10 years of limited warranty to each customer. Wakefit manufactures customizable mattress sizes while offering free shipping and hassle-free returns.

However, we do not recommend a memory foam mattress as it is made up of polyurethane and additional chemical compounds. Moreover, a memory foam mattress uses body heat to soften which in turn makes the sleeper sweaty.

What to Look for in Your Mattress?

Since we have shared the top three mattress brands in India, we’d like to throw light on what is an ideal mattress. Here are some factors that you must look for in a mattress:

·         Nature-friendliness

·         No chemical compounds used

·         Over 30 nights of a free trial

·         Over 10 years of warranty

·         Medium firmness

·         Comfort

·         Breathability

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find your ideal mattress. Before making any purchase, make sure to cross-check the information and research as deeply as possible. Do not miss out on reading verified customer reviews and make a checklist of your preferences to make it easy to shortlist the best mattress brand.

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