Organic Natural Latex Mattress In India

Tips To Buy Organic Natural Latex Mattress In India

A lot has been discussed about the qualities and the importance of a mattress in our lives in various blogs across a myriad of websites. Apart from just knowing the benefits of a mattress, it is crucial to understand the essence of it and to know whether it is affecting the environment in anyway. Human beings have already taken a huge toll on the health of the planet by discharging chemicals onto the surface of the earth and brutally exploiting it’s essential resources. Given the disheartening state of the planet resulting from the technological advancements, it is really importing that we as the dependents do our tiny bit to protect the ecosystem from vanishing sooner than ever. Our little step holds the potential to bring about a revolution in the quest to protect the planet and our natural habitat. One such small step which accounts for a big change would be to ditch the regular chemical mattress and switch to organic natural latex mattress.

Here are some of the major tips to buy authentic organic natural latex mattress in India:

Research on the sources

We can often find ourselves not looking into the very sources of a particular object which we buy and the same goes for the mattresses which we get for ourselves and our family. When you think of buying an organic natural latex mattress, make sure you do a proper research on how it is processed and whether any chemical is induced in the foam or not. Most mattress brands don’t mention their sources and factory related information on their websites. Always go for a brand that includes all the information about the sources and making of a latex mattress on their website with proof. This will help to ensure that the mattress is 100% natural.

Look into the certifications

Certifications are the most important factor when buying an organic natural latex mattress in India. A certification is an acknowledgement of verification and authenticity. It declares the mattress as 100% authentic and natural. No other material is induced in it and that, it’s totally harmless. Few of these certifications are- OEKO-TEX, eco-institut, BRIT QUALIS and ISO certified. The purpose of these certifications is to guide the buyer about the truth and honesty of the resource.

Don’t miss out on the trials

A good mattress brand provides 100 nights trial. It takes a maximum of 45 days for your body to adjust with a mattress. The extra 55 days is to ensure that you are completely confident about the quality and it’s comfort. An organic natural latex mattress is sure not to disappoint you for it’s peerless comfort and it’s amazing support which is a class apart. However, in case you don’t find it suitable enough, you anyway have the option to return without any hassle within the trial period.

The warranty period needs to be longer than regular mattresses

Latex is a firm and resilient material. A latex mattress is supposed to last more than 15 years and the same goes with the warranty. Authentic latex mattress brands would come with a warranty period of more than 10 years to ensure that you don’t face any sort of trouble in case of any wear and tear. The brand would immediately replace the mattress if it doesn’t live up to your expectations at a very minimal cost.


Given all the above factors, let’s hope that we’ve made it very clear and concise on how to invest in a 100% organic natural latex mattress. Just a little step towards sustainability could bring about a huge improvement in the planet. It’s time that we take every step responsibly and contribute towards a refined lifestyle.

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