This Quarantine Period, Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep

In these trying times, it is common to go through anxiety and unfriendly thoughts. This leads to loss of appetite and sleeplessness, and both are equally dangerous. While loss of appetite can result in weak immune system, sleeplessness can lead to other serious health issues. It can also have an equal mental impact in the form of bad mood and anger issues. “Eat, sleep and repeat” is not just a normal saying, it is the fundamentals of life which one cannot ignore in anyway. If you’re in self-quarantine and taking care of your own self, make sure you’re consuming protein enriched food and getting proper sleep. For the people who are tested positive for the novel corona virus and are self-treating at home, it is mandatory to take intensive care of oneself. The reason being, you are prescribed heavy medicines which needs to be absorbed by the body. Your body needs proper food and sleep for absorption of these heavy medicines. If you’re not sleeping good, you might only end up making the problem worse for yourself.

In order to get a healthy sleep we have enlisted few tips which you can follow in order to get in good shape faster:

  • Follow a balanced diet

When you are in self-quarantine or self-isolation, you strictly need to follow a balanced diet. This diet would help absorb the medicines faster so that you don’t end up feeling an upset stomach or other digestive problems.

  • Sleep at least two times a day

Make sure you’re sleeping for at least two times a day. Getting enough rest is the key to good health and faster recovery. Get at least 1 hour of sleep after lunch. This helps in better digestion and the medicines get to work more effectively. Get minimum 8 hours of sleep at night.

  • Make sure you go to bed early

It is advised not to disturb your circadian rhythm this time. You should push yourself to go to bed early and keep aside all electronic devices. Following an unhealthy sleep cycle would only aggravate the problem inside your body. You must sleep early in order to get up on time and get time breakfast.

  • Prepare a good sleep environment

Sleep environment refers to the atmosphere surrounding your sleep spot. It consists of your room, your bed and all other elements that might or might not affect your sleep. In order to get early sleep, turn off the lights an hour before your go to bed; this prepares your mind to fall asleep faster. Keep your room clean; a messy room would never allow you to sleep in peace. Get away from your mobile or television right after your dinner. Curbing screen time can play a great role in making you fall asleep faster and on time.

  • Change your mattress if you feel it’s the problem

There are many who complain that even after following all the above points, they find it hard to sleep. The reason could be the mattress you’re sleeping on. If you’re mattress tends to sag at one point, this can develop aches and pain at the back. Chances are, you are owning a chemical mattress which has lost it’s shape. In such a case, you should switch to a mattress which is firm as well as comfortable and lasts more than a decade. Natural latex mattress could help you get faster sleep for its impeccable comfort and contour characteristics is a class apart. It is highly responsive, and therefore, it is unlikely to loose shape anytime soon.

We are all in this together, and we will get rid of this pandemic soon if we follow the protocols strictly. Good food, proper medication and sound sleep is the key and should be followed by all age groups and not just children. Let’s fight together and end this virus so that we can get back to our normal lives sooner.

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