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This Is How Natural Latex Mattress Encourages Growth Of Rubber Tress

The motto behind selling or advertising a natural latex mattress is to promote an organic living which in turn can conserve the eco system to a huge extent. Latex foam is obtained from the sap of a rubber tree which clearly suggests that our product is completely safe and speaks of the benevolence of nature. Our only source is rubber tree and the humble cultivators who take utmost care of it while tapping. These rubber trees are our only source and we live by it. Taking care and growing more rubber trees falls as the major part of the plan and our products clearly speak for it.

Rubber tree is one of the thickest and sturdiest plants and latex is the very product procured from the sap of it. The latex sap is extracted manually from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis and no harm is caused to the tree in the process. An angular groove is cut into the side of the tree from which the sap oozes and flows just beneath the bark.

This natural latex sap gets accumulated in a coconut shell that is attached to the tree.  The plantation workers collect it every day and send it to the processing plant. It needs to be collected daily because the natural latex sap coagulates and hardens quickly.

Let’s throw light on how Latex is yielded

Each day, a rubber tree produces around 15 grams of raw latex sap. It’s a fact that a rubber tree may live for as long as hundred years, but it’s economically productive period is roughly 25 years. It takes 7 years for a rubber tree to become fully grown and mature to start producing the milky white latex that is required to make latex foam.

The rubber tree does not yield through the entire year as it slows down or pauses it’s production during winters- the time when it loses all of its leaves. There is less flow of latex sap during this time which leads to less yield in harvest during this time.

The environment in Southeast Asia is optimum for the growth of rubber trees, and we can all agree to the fact that more trees planted, the better. The role of every tree is extremely beneficial to the health of the environment and right now, given the current scenario of the planet, it might just turn out to be the savior.  The process of planting rubber trees is incessant so that it gains ample amount of latex.

Intensive care of the tree is taken by the farmers, which you can witness if ever, you visit a rubber plantation site. Farmers regularly replant their holdings, setting in new seedlings. Regular care and proper treatment is imparted to each tree with utmost respect. Initially, for seven years, young trees are left to grow robust and are not tapped at this period. A tree can produce usable latex for as long as 20 years, this means it is not just economically advantageous but is extremely beneficial for the conservation of the environment.  After the whole 20 years, the tree is cut and it’s sturdy barks are made into furniture. This process is immediately followed by planting of another sapling. Rubber wood is considered to be one of the most sustainable woods, and is now growing in popularity in the United States too.

The interdependence of humans and trees are often overlooked, and not many are aware how planting more trees can be beneficial of our entire existence.  Having said that, we realized the importance of maintaining a balance in the eco system by introducing 100% organic products to mankind. The sturdy rubber tree is one of the most durable, renewable and dependable resources for manufacturing of innumerable necessary items and hence, rubber cultivation should be promoted on a larger scale.

Kerala is one of the biggest cultivators of rubber in India. The pristine and calm state lies in the south-eastern part of India, which is mostly famous for it’s lush green landscapes, exotic wildlife, green hill stations and the amazingly clear Arabian sea along it’s coast. God’s own country indeed, has it’s own essentials to serve the country; one of which is pure latex. Rubber trees help reduce Carbon Dioxide in the air and hence, cultivating them is actually adding to the preservation of the environment. 

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