Green Mattress


What is a Green Mattress?

A green mattress refers to a mattress which has an all-natural composition. Which is not just beneficial for healthy sleep, but is a step towards a greener environment. It is sustainably sourced and contributes to afforestation. Hence, a green mattress is biodegradable as well as recyclable.

The Best Green Mattress

Latex mattress can safely be considered as one of the best green mattresses which you can ever find. It is for someone who wants to adapt a green lifestyle and switch to organic living. A latex mattress is biodegradable, which suggests that it won’t sit on the land and interrupt the natural process. It’s durability and firmness is a class apart and has a life of more than 15 years and works just fine even after that. If you compare it with memory foam, it is less bouncy and retains shape much faster when pressed. Latex mattress is technologically designed in a way that it isolates motion so that you can sleep peacefully without any disturbance. Your sleep is kept as the utmost priority while crafting it and therefore, it makes sure that your partner’s tossing and turning don’t affect you much at night while you enjoy your sweet slumber. Many natural latex mattress make use of natural materials such as organic cotton, tensel and wool. A natural latex mattress is known to impart unsurpassable comfort and a better sleep health for years. Its ergonomic design is suited best for the one who suffer from frequent back aches and pain. Doctors and chiropractors often recommend this kind of mattress so that one wakes up to a better morning and healthy sleep.

If you’ve made your mind to welcome such a humble mattress which only gives back, you would love to know about a Morning Owl mattress. It is more than just a mattress if you probe into it. It don’t just take great care of your sweet slumber and better health, but also, aids to the conservation of the environment. The mattress is made from latex which is obtained from the sap of rubber tree, which is further processed into foam. The manufacturers keep the chemicals at bay as we are focused upon 100% organic products for the betterment of the planet. The range of latex mattresses come in varying thickness to suit your comfort level.


Just like choosing organic food and skincare products, going for an all-natural and environmentally conscious mattress is one of the best ways to live a healthier life. Of course it’s hard to find mattress which is 100% organic, but at least you can go for the one made up of maximum natural materials which has no harmful side-effects and poses no threat to the planet.

Mattress made with natural fire-resistant, chemical-free wool, and pure latex from the sap of rubber tree can provide you optimum comfort and support that you have been looking for without any off-gassing.

When you opt for My Morning Owl, you take a step towards a greener planet.  It’s a huge contribution towards conservation of nature and in return you get incredible comfort and amazing sleep. We only choose natural raw-materials to design a mattress. Morning Owl’s goal is to provide you healthy and sound sleep. All our mattresses are sourced from 100% organic materials. Take a step ahead towards a better sleep and a better lifestyle with Morning Owl’s 100% natural latex mattress today.

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