The Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide for Newlyweds

Once you are done with your wedding rituals, formalities, and stuff, you are all set to move in together. The next step is of course shopping – from your favorite flower vase to a thoughtful painting, from grocery to utensils – but what about your bedroom? Have you bought a good mattress? Or are you planning to buy one?

A mattress is an integral part of anyone’s life. It is hence; incredibly important to select one which is the best and worthiest. If you are a new wedding couple or planning to get a new mattress for your growing family, there are a few things you might want to know about buying a worthy mattress. To make an informed purchase decision, the recognition of choices, searching about the possible sizes, types, features, etc and the budget is not only it – but there’s a lot more.

Here’s the Ultimate Mattress Buying Guide that might help you select the best mattress for you as a newlywed couple.

1. Decide What Type of Mattress to Go For: You are a newlywed, young couple – doing a lot of adventure and activities in your lives. You want comfort, romance, support, and most importantly – sound sleep. The first thing you want to know about buying a mattress for your bedroom is “what type of mattress do we need?”

For that matter, we have a suggestion for you. A Latex Mattress is simply the best option for you. The feel of a latex mattress is simply amazing as it conforms to your body while aligning your spinning and eventually improving the pressure points all throughout your body. It has the ability to adjust to anyone’s curves and is simply wonderful for couples who are active in bed and like to toss and turn or be playful or cuddling. Moreover, it allows motion isolation which prevents disturbance while sleeping.

2. Size of the Mattress: Now that you’ve decided what mattress to go for, its time to think what mattress size do you need? Well, there is a lot of mattresses size available but we’d suggest considering a king or queen sized mattress. Wider mattresses give more space to the couple.

3. Online vs Offline: If you are buying your mattress prior to some weeks or months before your wedding, you can consider buying it online. Morning Owl Latex Mattresses also give a free 100 days night trials, But, if you want to do retail shopping, go together and select the best one according to your sleeping style and references. We suggest you try lying down together for at least 15 minutes to properly analyze if you are comfortable enough.

4. Material Quality: As a mattress is a big investment, do the needful research and enquire about the material that goes into the making of the mattress you are buying. Remember to check if you are allergic to any of the contents of the mattress.

5. Warranty: While purchasing your preferred mattress, make sure to check its warranty along with terms and conditions. 

6. Durability: Do not ignore this one! Only consider a mattress if it is durable. Customer Reviews: Before finalizing your deal, make sure to check plenty of customer reviews, through the internet or in person.

7. Mattress Thickness: This is as important as mattress size because mattress thickness may feel different to everyone. 

8. Certification: This is one of the biggest factors you must consider. Always look for authentic certifications of the mattress you are buying to get assured of the quality, manufacturing process, materials used, etc. In case you are buying a latex mattress, make sure that the mattress you’ve selected has a certification from the Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS).

These were only a few main things we had to suggest regarding buying a mattress but there are a lot more. We hope this little guide helps you make a valuable decision. We support one-time investment and hence, we believe this guide helps you buy the best mattress for you to a great extent. 


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