Mattress Brands in India Online

The Top 5 Mattress Brands in India to Choose From Online

It’s confusing and straining at the same time, to chose which mattress would be best for my sleeping needs, especially when, we are exposed to such a huge number of brands in the market, both online and offline.

Several brands promise us megalodon benefits but fail to gratify our needs. Leaving aside, brand value, we usually end up buying believing in the word-of-mouth of salespersons.

But are we doing the right thing? And most importantly, are we sleeping healthy?

Don’t fret, Morning Owl is here to help you in deciding the best.

Take a look at the Top 5 latex mattress brands in India to choose from,

Mattress Brands in India Online2

5. Sleep Spa

Sleep Spa is an online mattress brand from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. They offer latex, Memory Foam, and spring mattresses. They claim to have spent more than 31 years in the mattress industry and promise you the best benefits a latex mattress can provide.

The Sleep Spa team believes in the use of 100% natural latex in their mattress production process. As a result, they make certain that no chemicals or synthetic materials are used in the mattress.

Sleep Spa claims they use the Talalay latex method that involves removing the oxygen from the sap before it is shaped and baked. As a result, the foam has a fluffy, airy, and homogeneous consistency.

Sleep Spa Latex mattresses offer automatic air circulation, which keeps the sleep temperature at a comfortable level. As a result, there is no risk of overheating or sweating.

They provide mattresses starting from INR 10,000 up to 85,000 respectively.

4. Boston Mattresses

Unlike the capital of Massachusetts, in the U.S.A, Boston Mattress is a well-known producer of world-class premium mattresses, which are produced at their state-of-the-art plant in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India. 

With over 40 years of expertise in this business, they claim to have perfected the art of producing the ideal mattresses that match the specific requirements as well as the taste of our valued clients. 

They provide you with Latex, Memory Foam, Spring, HR Foam, and Orthopaedic mattresses to choose from.

All of the items for sale are made at the factory outlet under one roof under the supervision of specialists with extensive work experience. 

The advantage Boston Mattress offers is that the intermediates or middlemen are eliminated, and the cost that would have been 10 times higher is now within the consumers’ budget.

Boston Mattress offers its clients technical professional assistance so that they may examine the health issues (if any) thoroughly and choose the best mattress for themselves.

The mattress range from 7,500 INR to 90,000 INR.


Dreamzee is one of the best mattress brands in India, in the online platform.

Dreamzee is a sub-unit of E-megamart.

All their Mattresses are meticulously supplied by a seasoned manufacturer and supplier. Natural Latex Mattresses, Spring Mattresses, Foam Mattresses, and Mattress Accessories are all part of their product line. 

The brand is well-known for its amazing comfort, high-quality immaculate finish, and reasonable pricing. All their mattresses have a wonderfully soft feel with solid support and allow for uninterrupted sleep.

Just like the previous brands that were mentioned, their mattresses are purely natural, anti-allergic, durable, and use the least amount of chemicals.

They offer 3 series of Mattresses, The natural, The Hybrid, and the Eco Series, wherein you get to choose from various types of mattresses, latex mattresses one being among them.

They also claim that all their products are bio-degradable.

The price of their mattresses can range from INR 15,000 to INR 80,000 respectively.

2. Sunday Rest

Sunday Rest is a mattress brand from Bangalore providing you with almost the best mattress you can buy online that too at a cheap rate.

Sunday Rest provides you with organic latex and Memory 4 mattresses which they claim should be neither too soft nor too hard to relieve pressure spots on your body.

There is one thing that all Sunday mattresses have in common. They are intended to assist you in falling asleep sooner and sleeping better.

Every Sunday rest mattress is designed with maximum comfort and purity in mind. They also provide you with a top cover made entirely of organic cotton. 

They claim that no harmful chemicals will find their way into your bed. That’s brilliant news for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

They provide you with a 100-nights free trial on all their mattresses, so be sure to try it out, before making any decision.

Their mattresses range from INR 8,000 up to INR 30,000.

1. Morning Owl

Recognized by EXPRESS deals, The Indian Express, Morning Owl is the top contender if you’re someone who’s looking for a blend of comfort and satisfaction. So, we claim that we are the best mattress brands in India.

We at Morning owl are well-known for producing high-quality latex mattresses and pillows, and One of the finest orthopedic mattresses for back problems. 

The raw materials used in our mattress are entirely natural and contain no harmful chemicals.

Our eco-friendly mattresses reduce motion transmission and give just the perfect amount of bounce without drooping or sinking. 

It conforms to the curve of the sleeper’s body, giving pressure point support and discomfort alleviation.

Our mattresses keep you at a suitable sleeping temperature and prevent hot flushes. It features enough airflow, which wicks away any moisture build-up, providing you with a pleasant experience.

The investment you’ll be doing on choose us starts at INR 10,000 and can 60,000 INR.

We know you might be having questions after all this.

Don’t sweat it, we got your backs.

Feel free to visit our website for more details, or mail us at and get all your problems solved!

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About Morning Owl:

We Want To Make Healthy Sleep Accessible And Affordable.

Our Journey Began When Few Years Back One Of The Founding Team Members Set Out To Buy A Good Healthy Mattress. Most Of What Was Available Was Synthetic And Chemical Infused. Latex Mattress Sold Offline Was Way Too Expensive Because Of High Margins Imposed By Retailers.

The Mattress Most Consumers Use Are Made Of Carcinogenic Chemicals (Memory Foam, Bonded Foam Etc) Or Loses Its Shape/ Is Unable To Provide Proper Spinal Alignment ( Cotton Mattress, Spring Mattress Etc). Since We Live A Very Sedentary Life, Good Night’s Sleep Is Even More Important.

Sleep Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Lives. It Is When The Body Repairs Itself And Gets Ready For A Better Tomorrow. While Most Indians Are Overworked And Barely Get The Required 7-8 Hours Of Sleep, The Quality Of Sleep Is Also Very Poor.

We started Morning Owl with 3 basic mission points:

1: Provide Natural, 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows. No Chemicals And Completely Safe

2:Design Mattresses & Pillows To Lull You To Restful Sleep. Make Sure Your Spine And Neck Get Optimum Support.

3:Make Luxury Affordable! Remove The Middlemen And Their Margin. Straight From The Forests Of Kerala To Your Bedroom.

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