The top 10 latex mattresses

The Top 10 Latex Mattresses in India to Choose From

Don’t we purchase food every week, if not every day? We can just obtain a better batch tomorrow if we get a terrible batch today. Is this the case with mattresses as well? The answer to this is No. When you’re trapped with a hard mattress, you can’t help but make the best of it.

Buying a mattress is not something you do every day. Because they are so expensive, you can only do it once in a while. This necessitates making the correct option on the first try, which can be difficult without a solid foundation.

As of today, there a re several brands which you will find both online and in physical form, that promise quality mattresses, likewise a quality sleep?

But are they keeping their promises? And are we as customers focussing on which brand is the best and why are they so?

Let’s take a look at the top 10 brands in India that provide the best latex mattresses.

We will be discussing the mattresses in their reverse chronological order,

This is what Morning Owl has to say,

10. Medisleep breeze Mattress with organic pin core technology

  • The unique and distinctive design of Medisleep is excellent for providing comfort and support no matter how action-packed your dreams are. Improper spinal alignment might result in persistent discomfort over time. 

  • With its balanced weight distribution, this mattress gives equal support to each region of your body. It maintains a straight spine during the night, alleviating pressure spots and supporting your posture.

  • It is one of the best latex mattresses in India for ensuring excellent quality sleep, lowering blood pressure, and keeping your mood calm and relaxed.

  • It comes at a price of INR 16,771, has a warranty of 10 years, and weighs around 23 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 72 x 48 x 5 inches.

  • A well-aligned spine with an equal weight distribution

  • It has separate specific layers that are intended to give comfort, support, and pressure reduction.

  • Allows for regular, deep sleep, which helps to maintain blood pressure low and the mood calm.

  • Made from the milk of rubber trees, this product is completely organic, natural, and devoid of any synthetics.
  • It is a heavy mattress to move about.
  • The mattress’s thickness is less than required.        

9. Repose Eyelidz Queen Latex Mattress

  • It is one of the best latex mattresses in India, developed with an innovative core latex support system to give optimum comfort to the body. 

  • It is designed with natural latex for velvety comfort and a restful night’s sleep for your back. The use of other high-quality raw materials assures its long-term durability and hardness.

  • Even in changing weather conditions, the anti-dust breathable material provides a comfortable experience. The mattress is strong enough to support your lower back while still being soft enough to curve your entire body.

  • This mattress is available for INR 21,461, has a 3 years warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 37 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 75 x 60 x 5 inches and are available in multiple sizes.

  • Quilt cover made of multi-layer latex and ring-spun yarn. 

  • Latex sheets with a density of 86 and has three layers.

  • The product is shipped fully assembled.   Breathable high-tech cover that encourages ventilation through the mattress.
  • The product has a relatively short warranty duration.  

  • In comparison to several other brands, the product’s thickness is somewhat smaller.
  • In India, this is still not a well-known brand.

8. Hush Orthopaedic Latex Mattress

  • This mattress is an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from dust allergies and is searching for the perfect mix of softness and support in a mattress. 

  • Hush Orthopaedic manufactures the greatest latex mattresses in India using only the highest quality raw ingredients.

  • These have an ultra-soft, knitted fabric cover that is cool to the touch, extremely absorbent, and allergy and dust-resistant. 

  • You can sleep comfortably even if your spouse moves thanks to zero partner disturbance technology.

  • The ergonomic design promotes optimal sleeping position and keeps your spine in its natural S shape. It is reversible and may be used in either direction.

  • It’s priced at INR 13,155, has a 10 years warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 22 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 72 x 48 x 6 inches.

  • Allows zero motion transfer, resulting in a more pleasant night’s sleep.

  • High-quality raw materials that can be compressed and rolled for convenient storage.
  • Ideal for allergy sufferers or anybody searching for the right combination of softness and support.

  • Ergonomically built to promote a healthy sleeping position and pain-free sleep.
  • In comparison to other products, the product’s thickness is somewhat reduced.
  • In India, this is still not a well-known brand.    

7. Wakefit latex King Mattress

  • This mattress is made with an innovative 7 zone design and includes blocks with varying capacities to offer the correct sort of support to each region of your body. 

  • The central portion is soft and offers good mild support for your hips, feet, shoulders, and neck.

  • If you suffer from chronic back pain or other orthopaedic difficulties, this is the finest latex mattress in India for you.

  • It also has no partner interference. In comparison to traditional spring beds, the mattress provides a more equal sleeping surface.

  • Natural latex contains cooling qualities that give the same level of comfort and elegance throughout the year.

  • It comes at a price of INR 18,884, has a 10 years warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 17.8 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 72 x 72 x 8 inches.

  • The product is delivered in a reusable roll back bag.
  • There are no additional chemicals, and the manufacture of latex has no impact on the environment.
  • It employs a 7-zone design, where blocks from latex are created with different densities so that each part of your body is supported with the right kind of support.
  • There was no such negative point or any cons related to this product so far.

6. Dreamzee Vilasa 100% natural latex organic mattress  

  • The Dreamzee Vilasa Latex organic mattress is made of biodegradable ingredients and has excellent flexibility. 

  • Not only that, but it is also long-term cost-effective and delivers high-quality sleep with no sacrifices. 

  • The soft natural latex provides padding for pressure areas on your hips and shoulders, providing maximum relaxation. 

  • It also features no disturbance motion, so you are not bothered when your companion moves. 

  • It is made of healthy and safe ingredients and has antibacterial and antifungal qualities.  

  • The temperature control technology keeps you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • It comes at a price of INR 29,576, has a warranty of 12 years from the manufacturer and weighs around 20 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 72 x 36 x 5 inches.

  • It is purely natural, since it is made from 100% organic fabric and 100% organic cotton layer.

  • GOTS, Eco-Institut, Oeko-Tex Confidence in Textiles, LGA, ABC Research Corporation, Satra, and Stork certifications are given to the brand.
  • Without the use of chemicals, it is naturally resistant to dust mites, mould, and germs.
  • A natural open-cell structure that provides for optimal ventilation and a pleasant sleeping temperature.
  • It is difficult to lift and transport, as it is an extremely heavy mattress.

  • A new brand on the market with very few user reviews.    

5. Boston Classic Natural Latex Mattress

  • This mattress is ideal for reducing bodily tension. It is made up of three layers: a knitted quilted fabric cover with an inch of cushioning for comfort and a smooth feel, a responsive 2″ memory foam layer for body contouring and total support, and a completely natural latex layer to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • The additional 2-inch foam makes it distinctive and comfy, as well as making your bed appear larger. 

  • It is built with an open-cell construction that allows for total air ventilation and cleanliness.

  • At all times, the self-ventilation technology keeps germs, dust mites, and fungi at bay.

  • It is available in grey and white.

  • It is priced at INR 56,516, has a 5 years warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 31kgs.

  • It dimensions are 75 x 36 x 6 inches.

  • Latex made from natural rubber.

  • Eco-Institut, LGA, and Oeko-Tex certifications are provided to this brand. 
  • It features an open-cell construction that allows for unrestricted air circulation.
  • Natural pinhole latex foam is used that is 100 percent efficient for sleeping.
  • 2 inches of high-density responsive memory foam that conforms to your body.
  • Only one colour, white, is available, and it is prone to staining.

  • It’s difficult to lift and move around this hefty mattress.    

4. Boston Organic 100% pure and natural latex mattress

  • This is another one of the finest latex mattresses in India for 2021, since it is made entirely of natural latex and has no synthetic latex or fillers. 

  • This item is composed of organic wood cloth, which is more absorbent than cotton and feels smooth and cool on the skin. 

  • Tencel is quickly becoming the new favourite in the mattress business, because of its appealing features and ability to drape the mattress wonderfully. 

  • For orthopaedic issues, this model is highly recommended. The cotton wadding has a great feather-like feel to it.

  • The cotton wadding has a great feather-like feel to it. It’s made with pin cores for enhanced ventilation and body temperature control throughout the night, according to the Dunlop process.

  • It is priced at INR 33,889, has a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 46 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 78 x 72 x 5 inches.



  • Eco-Institut, LGA, and Oeko-Tex have all given this mattress their seal of approval.
  • It is a highly recommended product for those who sleep on their backs, sides, or stomachs.
  • Adheres to your physique for optimal support and ergonomics, reducing stress in the hips, spine, shoulders, and neck.
  • Very easy-to-maintain product with exceptional comfort.
  • It is difficult to lift and transport this extremely heavy mattress. 

  • In comparison to other mattresses, the product’s thickness is somewhat reduced.
  • There aren’t any additional layers of support or ventilation.    

3. Foams India natural latex Portable Mattress

  • This natural latex foam mattress is simple to manage, sanitary, and provides excellent body support. 

  • This adaptable mattress may be customized to meet specific needs. It’s simple to fold, roll, store, and carry without causing any damage

  • It is dust and bacterium resistant, ensuring a clean and pleasant sleep. It keeps its form and does not droop over time. 

  • The thickness is neither too hard nor too soft, providing excellent support for alleviating and avoiding back discomfort. 

  • It comes with one cotton ‘Gada’ cloth and one outer zip bamboo fabric cover that are both detachable and washable for a hassle-free maintenance.

  • It is priced at 24,498, has a 10 year-warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 10 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 75 x 36 x 2 inches.

  • Mattress that is extremely cost-effective.
  • Very lightweight product that is simple to clean and transport.

  • The mattress may be folded up and stored anywhere.
  • It comes with a high quality removable and zipper cover.          
  • The product’s thickness is quite low, resulting in a highly firm mattress.

  • There are just a few sizes available.        

2. Sleepycat 100% natural latex organic mattress

  • Sleepycat is well-known in India as one of the greatest latex mattress makers. 

  • For the greatest cooling effect, the product is designed with a 2-inch layer of 100 percent organic latex. 

  • It offers zonal support to 7 distinct zones of your body, including the head, neck, shoulder, lumbar, lower leg, knees, and ankle, to guarantee a restful night’s sleep. 

  • It keeps you warm in cold weather and cools you down in hot weather. 

  • It has a Smart washable zipper cover made of non-toxic materials that can be separated into two halves for simple cleaning and maintenance. 

  • The inner breezy cloth promotes adequate airflow between the mattress and the anti-skid foundation keeps the mattress from sliding.

  • It is priced at INR 18,634, provides a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer and weighs around 18 kgs.

  • Its dimensions are 72 x 72 x 7 inches.

  • It has a 5-inch high-density support foam,
    and a 2-inch natural latex foam.

  • Top-tier knitted fabric with a smart zipper cover that keeps the mattress clean.

  • Lightweight in comparison, making it simple to transport and clean.
  • From head to toe, it provides comfort to seven zones of the body.
  • After 3-4 years of use, several customers have complained about the product becoming droopy.
  • There is no free trial period available.    
1. Morning Owl’s 100% natural Latex mattress

  • One of the newest and the finest natural latex mattress companies in the market, is our very own Morning Owl.

  • Morning owl is well-known for producing high-quality latex mattresses and pillows.

  • The raw materials used in this mattress are purely organic and contain no harmful chemicals.

  • This eco-friendly mattress reduces motion transmission and delivers just the perfect amount of bounce without drooping or sinking. We also like to boast about our bounciness, since it’s couple friendly!

  • It conforms to the curve of the sleeper’s body, giving pressure point support and discomfort alleviation. 

  • It keeps you at a suitable sleeping temperature and prevents hot flushes. 

  • It features enough airflow, which wicks away any moisture build-up, providing you with a pleasant experience.

  • We have three different types of mattresses to choose from, and the one mentioned here is priced at INR 22,057.

  • We also offer a 100-nigths free trial on all our mattresses, so keep your worries at bay!

  • We offer a 15-years warranty on our products.

  • This mattress weighs around 55 kgs and has dimensions of 198.1 x 182.9 x 15.2 inches.


  • A long-lasting mattress that’s hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and resistant to dust mites, mould, and mildew.

  • We use Organic latex that is Eco-Institut and Oeko-Tex certified.

  • The mattress is made entirely of natural materials and is well-known for its exceptional comfort and support.

  • Because it is of all-natural origin, there is no need to be concerned about the presence of harmful compounds or metals.
  • White is the only colour available till date, and it is prone to catching marks. But we will soon be coming up with extravagant colours.

  • Our customers have issues on the weight of the mattress, as it is extremely difficult to move around freely.


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