Latex Mattress in India

The Surprising Secret to Creating a Better Sleep With Latex Mattress in India

If you are tired of waking up throughout the night, read this article to know how a latex mattress in India will help you sleep deeply like never before.

Sleep Deprivation Kills Your Personal & Professional Life Balance!

Stress, busy routine, and a lot of screen time has become the new normal over the past few decades. As much as skills and competency are required to be successful in life, self-care and restful sleep are also highly important to excel in your career. We often tend to ignore our sleep routine just because we want to binge-watch Netflix, browse through our Instagram reels, chat with our loved ones, or stay glued to our laptops for work.

All of this not just affects the way we sleep, but also causes chronic body pain over time. You might not realize how disrupting sleep may affect you on a day to day basis but over the years, it might be too late to treat body aches or insomnia. Hence, it is time to brush off that negligence and start working today to get better sleep.

How a Latex Mattress in India Helps You Sleep Better

Now that you know how crucial it is to take a good night’s sleep, you’d ask how? Well, there is a lot that you can do today to sleep better without any discomfort or pain. Some of the effective ways to arouse a deep sleep are to avoid screen time before bed, take a nice warm bath at night, prevent caffeine before sleeping, reading, listening to relaxing music, and putting in some lavender or chamomile oil in your diffuser.

But if you are reading this article, chances are high that you have already tried some of these sleep arousal techniques. So, what do you do next to sleep better? Well, we love to tell you that you can sleep restfully if you switch your regular mattress to a natural latex mattress in India. Wondering how? Keep on reading!

1. High Comfort & Support

If you purchase a natural latex mattress in India, you will feel immense support and comfort as soon as you lie down on it. The mattress is not just medium-firm but also aligns your spinal column correctly to reduce sore pressure points in the body, prevent body aches, and provide ample comfort to sleep very relaxingly all night long.

2. No Noise or Motion Transfer

One of the biggest reasons people can’t sleep relaxingly at night is because they are disturbed by their partner, pet, or even by themselves when switching positions. Natural latex mattresses ensure there is no noise and motion transfer when you toss and turn in bed. With no disturbance inside your mattress, you don’t notice the external factors that might affect your sleep.

3. High Breathability

Most importantly, it is important to sleep on a mattress that is highly breathable and keeps you cool all night long. A natural latex mattress has pin core holes punched inside which make the mattress bouncy as well as enhance the air circulation inside. Thus, the enhanced breathability avoids body heat-trapping or suffocation while sleeping.

Furthermore, a breathable mattress also improves the blood circulation inside the body. This in turn makes stiff muscles more flexible and relaxed. With reduced body pain over time, you get better sleep that you desire.

Wrapping Up!

We hope we helped you understand how a natural latex mattress in India can help you go into the deep sleep you’ve been longing for years. But remember that you got to make equal efforts! Please avoid activities that can disrupt your diurnal cycle and understand your body. Seek within and identify the things you do or eat that don’t let you sleep properly at night.

Morning Owl manufactures 100% natural latex mattresses that not just provide high cushioning to the body, but are also very breathable and value for money. Our mattresses ensure you don’t sink inside the surface by instantly pushing you upwards. You can avail an exclusive discount on any of our mattresses – all you need is to contact us and we’ll take it forward from there.

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About Morning Owl:

We Want To Make Healthy Sleep Accessible And Affordable.

Our Journey Began When Few Years Back One Of The Founding Team Members Set Out To Buy A Good Healthy Mattress. Most Of What Was Available Was Synthetic And Chemical Infused. Latex Mattress Sold Offline Was Way Too Expensive Because Of High Margins Imposed By Retailers.

The Mattress Most Consumers Use Are Made Of Carcinogenic Chemicals (Memory Foam, Bonded Foam Etc) Or Loses Its Shape/ Is Unable To Provide Proper Spinal Alignment ( Cotton Mattress, Spring Mattress Etc). Since We Live A Very Sedentary Life, Good Night’s Sleep Is Even More Important.

Sleep Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Lives. It Is When The Body Repairs Itself And Gets Ready For A Better Tomorrow. While Most Indians Are Overworked And Barely Get The Required 7-8 Hours Of Sleep, The Quality Of Sleep Is Also Very Poor.

We started Morning Owl with 3 basic mission points:

1: Provide Natural, 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows. No Chemicals And Completely Safe

2:Design Mattresses & Pillows To Lull You To Restful Sleep. Make Sure Your Spine And Neck Get Optimum Support.

3:Make Luxury Affordable! Remove The Middlemen And Their Margin. Straight From The Forests Of Kerala To Your Bedroom.

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