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Synthetic Vs. Blended Vs. Natural Latex Mattress India

If you are all set to buy mattress made up using latex, it is very important to know all about latex as a material. Some people might confuse natural latex mattress India with synthetic and blended latex but there is a huge difference between them. Read on to know the difference between them.

Want to Buy Mattress Made from the Milky Sap of the Rubber Tree?

We know how excited you would be to finally decide what mattress you want to buy. With the endless mattress options, this confusion seems never-ending. However, deciding to buy natural latex mattress India is one of the best choices for anyone. After all, this mattress is extremely comfortable, supportive, eco-friendly and safe to sleep on.

Completely worth the hype, a latex mattress is a lot more than just the white sap obtained from the rubber tree. The magical promises of a latex mattress can do more harm than good if you do not buy the right mattress. Therefore, it is very crucial to know the difference between synthetic, latex and natural latex to buy the right mattress for yourself.

Difference Between Synthetic, Blended & Natural Latex Mattress India

Before finalising your mattress deal, here is the hidden truth you need to know about latex.

Synthetic Latex

As suggested by its name, synthetic latex is made from man-made compounds, harmful chemicals and additives. Easy and cheap to prepare, this kind of latex can pose various skin and respiratory allergies to the sleeper. Synthetic latex is quite bouncy and durable but it is not worth taking the risk. It is the most dangerous form of latex.

Blended Latex

Blended latex is made up using a negligible amount of natural latex with around 90% synthetic latex. This type of latex is also cheap in price and good in durability. This type of mattress is slightly better than a synthetic mattress. However, the minor presence of natural latex cannot save the sleeper from the harms of sleeping on a blended latex mattress.

Natural Latex

This is the safest and the most recommended type of latex to be used in a mattress. Although organic latex mattresses are the best, such mattresses are not actually present in the market due to the use of additives. So, natural latex is the truest form of latex material. If you are buying a latex mattress, you must ensure that it is made up of 100% natural latex.

Ready to Buy Mattress that’s Right for Your Body?

We hope we helped you understand the difference between all the types of latex mattresses. So, before making a purchase, always cross-check and buy only a natural latex mattress. Do not put yourself at risk for the sake of saving a few bucks. Always make sure to research well about the brand and ask for the mattress certifications to be 100% sure.

Morning Owl is the only and the first Indian latex mattress brand to have OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and eco-INSTITUT certification. We manufacture our premium quality mattresses with utmost love, hygiene and care so that you can sleep safe and relaxed all night long. Feel free to contact us to grab your exclusive customer discount.

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