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Quenching Your Queries about Buying Mattress in Hyderabad

Do you live in Hyderabad amidst the dry and hot weather? Want to buy the best mattress but have a lot of questions? If you are seeking expert guidance about choosing your ideal mattress, read to find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about buying a new mattress in Hyderabad.

Time to Find the Right Mattress in Hyderabad

Life in Hyderabad is busy and tiresome. You work tirelessly all day long and need a supporting mattress at the end of the day. The rising pollution and weather conditions are also making it crucial to buy a mattress that is hypoallergenic, nature-friendly, and highly breathable. Eventually, you need a one-stop-solution for multiple problems and requirements.

Sleep Experts Answer the FAQs about Buying a New Mattress

As a dynamic team of over 20 sleep experts, we come across hundreds of queries each day. Here are our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about buying a new mattress in Hyderabad.

What is the best type of mattress for Hyderabad?

Before knowing the best type of mattress in Hyderabad, you must know that four materials make the most common types of mattresses in India. These mattresses are spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses, and natural latex mattresses.

  1. Spring mattresses are springy and soft but they are quite noisy and disturbing and they fail to provide the right back support due to sleep disturbance and lack of appropriate firmness for proper alignment of the spine.
  2. Memory foam mattresses are largely sold for their supportive nature but these mattresses are neither eco-friendly nor breathable. They trap body heat and use it to soften itself which makes the sleeper sweaty and exposes him to allergies.
  3. Natural latex mattresses are eco-friendly and help in reducing pollution by absorbing carbon dioxide emissions from the environment. With medium-firmness, these mattresses provide the right back support and are highly breathable. So, The exceptional breathability of a latex mattress keeps the sleeper cool and sweat-free all night long.

So, a natural latex mattress is the best mattress in Hyderabad. Morning Owl takes pride to be the #1 best-selling natural latex mattress in India.

What type of certifications should my mattress in Hyderabad have?

The mattress you buy must have certifications that prove its eco-friendliness, hygienic manufacturing, and compliance with safety standards. Here are the best certifications that you must look for in a mattress:

1. Eco-INSTITUT Certification: A mattress is tested for the presence of pollutants, odors, chemicals, and emissions to get this type of certification. While looking for latex mattress in Hyderabad, see if this certification is issued,you can be stress-free as the mattress is completely safe to sleep on.

2. OEKO TEX Standard 100 Certification: To get this certificate, a mattress is tested to detect the presence of any toxins, lead, arsenic, pesticides, dyes, VOCs, phthalates, etc. If this certification is issued, your mattress is harmless and involves no usage of toxic additives.

Morning Owl Latex Mattress has successfully passed multiple inspection tests and has attained both of these certifications. Furthermore, while looking for a mattress in Hyderabad, you should also look for BRIT QUALIS and ISO certification.

Will a natural latex mattress reduce my body pain?

A natural latex mattress is very comfortable and has medium firmness. So, while finding best Mattress in Hyderabad remember that the right firmness distributes the body weight evenly and helps reducing body pain. Most importantly, it is highly breathable which increases the blood circulation inside the body. Thus, the stiff muscles are relaxed and the body pain is reduced.  


A natural latex mattress is undoubtedly one of the best mattresses in the world. We hope we answered some of your major questions about buying a new mattress in Hyderabad. Feel free to ask us more questions by calling or emailing us. We would be happy to assist you throughout. 

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