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Natural Latex Mattress India: What Is It Like To Sleep On It?

Want to purchase a natural latex mattress India but slightly confused about how it feels like to sleep on it to be sure of your decision? Well, this article will help you understand (and imagine) what it is like to sleep on a medium-firm natural latex mattress.

Natural Latex Mattress India: How Does It Feel?

You want to replace your old mattress with a promising and highly supportive mattress. After considering many options and going through endless mattress buying guides, you finally conclude about purchasing a natural latex mattress India. But you are slightly confused and doubtful before sealing the deal.

Or maybe you’ve even ordered it and as soon as you wake up one morning, you receive a text message that your mattress shipment will be delivered to your doorstep today. Excited and nervous, you cannot wait to unbox it, read the directions and wait for another 24 hours before sleeping on it.

No matter what the scenario is – are you confused about what it is like to sleep on a 100% natural latex mattress? Well, you are in the right place. Keep reading to learn how a natural latex mattress feels to know if it can prove to be a comfortable and worthy purchase for your hard-earned money.

Sleeping on a Natural Latex Mattress

Before you know what it feels like to sleep on a natural latex mattress, it is important to know what exactly your mattress is made up of. All the information listed below is only about a 100% natural latex mattress because that, according to medical professionals and scientists, is the safest and the most supportive form of a latex mattress.

You must never purchase a synthetic or blended latex mattress to save a little money. Morning Owl natural latex mattresses are made using 100% natural latex sap and non-toxic additives that convert the sap into latex foam. They also have an organic cotton cover on them.

Here is how a natural latex mattress feels when you lay on it:

1. Support

As soon as you lay on a latex mattress, it contours to your body and gives it instant buoyant support without letting you sink in just like a memory foam mattress. This not just aligns your spinal column perfectly against the force of gravity but also ensures there is no permanent indentation on the surface of the mattress. Apart from being highly supportive, a natural latex mattress is hence, highly durable as well.

2. Comfort

Since a natural latex mattress is medium-firm – the recommended firmness level by medical professionals, its cushioned support and natural bounciness feels very comfortable to the sleeper – both instantly and in the long run.

3. Weight Distribution

As far as weight distribution is concerned, a natural latex mattress evenly spreads your weight across the surface thus helping relieve joints and muscle pain by reducing the sore pressure points. Moreover, it isolates motion transfer and lets you sleep uninterrupted even with a disturbing partner.

4. Getting Up

Some mattresses might feel comfortable and supportive but when you get up from them, the hassle is real. With a natural latex mattress, you don’t have to fight it to get up. You can instantly get up anytime you want, that too without any noise or disturbance to your partner. This also implies that you can switch positions very easily and comfortably throughout the night.

5. Breathability

Although breathability is something you cannot instantly feel when you lay on a natural latex mattress, you can definitely feel it in a day or two. When you sleep on a latex mattress, you sleep sweat-free and cool all night long without any heat-trapping or suffocation.

6. Recovery

Some mattresses, especially memory foam, take time to recover from the weight they bear. But with its unmatchable bounce quality, a natural latex mattress instantly springs back to its place as soon as you get up. This again allows you to get up more easily and increase the durability of your mattress.


We hope we helped you understand how a natural latex mattress India feels when you sleep on it. Overall, it is a comfortable, springy and supportive surface to sleep on that perfectly takes care of all your sleep needsand improves your sleep pattern. If you are still confused about how it feels, why don’t you try purchasing our natural latex mattress with 100 nights of free trial and return it just in case you don’t feel it is as great as claimed.

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