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Myths vs. Facts about Buying Mattress Online India

Want to buy a new mattress online India but doubtful after listening to some mattress buying myths? Confused about whether you should make an online purchase or not? Read to know some popular and misleading myths and facts to know the reality.

Buying a Mattress Online India: Full of Confusions

People are usually very confused when buying a new mattress. While the mattress type, pricing, certifications, support, and firmness are already worrying them, the doubt about buying it online vs. offline exaggerates the confusion further. Hence, it is better to take your time to research and decide thoroughly before making a purchase.

In an era where online shopping is equally preferred as offline shopping, mattress buying is not behind either. But people are often skeptical about buying such a huge thing online and paying the sum in advance.

If you are also confused about whether to buy a mattress online India or offline, we have unveiled some myths for you. These myths and facts will help you find the real truth and decide, what’s the better choice for you.

Popular Myths vs. Facts about Buying a Mattress Online

Here are some of the biggest myths people believe in about buying a mattress online India. It’s high time you unveil them and see if you were also believing in them!

1. Mattresses Online are More Expensive

Fact: The reality is completely opposite of this myth. One of the biggest reasons shopping experts suggest buying it online is because you can save a lot of money while making an online purchase. Usually, mattresses are available at huge discounts and promotional offers all the time. You can easily find exclusive cashback, customer discounts, coupon codes online. Moreover, you can also avail financing facility online to make the discounted price even easier to pay.

2. There are High Chances of Cheating Online

Fact: Gone are the days when people ended up receiving trash in their parcels. With growing online shopping, many reliable sites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. have made these myths completely wrong. You get assured quality and full customer support if something goes wrong. So, if you buy your mattress from a reliable site, you will never get cheated.

3. You Can’t Find the Real Specifications Online

Fact: Again, if you are shopping from a trusted site, you will always find 100% true and real specifications about the product. Chances are high that you can be misled and brainwashed by salesmen while shopping from the store and they won’t tell you complete details and policies about the product.

4. You Can’t Feel the Mattress Comfort and Firmness Level While Buying it Online

Fact: Although this is true to an extent, there is much more we want to say. When you buy a mattress offline, you get to try the mattress for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. However, scientific studies suggest that a person must sleep on a mattress for at least 30 days to notice any change in his body. So, even if you are buying a mattress offline, there is no point in trying it out because you can’t really tell the difference.

What online shopping offers to ease this issue is that you get a minimum of 30 nights of a free trial by all leading mattress brands. This allows you to test the mattress and sleep on it for 30 days or even more, depending upon the offer given out by various brands. Morning Owl offers an exclusive 100 nights of a free trial. So, if you face any issue with your new mattress, you can easily return it even after 1 to 3 months of use.

5. The Shipping and Returning Costs are Very Hefty

Fact: In reality, the shipping and returning charges of buying a mattress online are free almost 99% of the time. However, while buying a mattress from a store, you have to pay the extra shipping charges and it is nearly impossible to return the mattress after purchase.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find the misleading statements about mattress online India. Which one of these did you believe in but know the truth now? Would you like us to post part two of these myths? Yes, we have a lot more to be revealed yet. If you would want to know more, we would love to write more for you.

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