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Morning Owl: The Best Natural Latex Mattress in India

Want to know what is the best natural latex mattress in India to bring home the best sleep accessory? Looking for a mattress that solves all your sleep problems and promotes relaxed sleep all night long? Morning Owl is the best mattress for availing the benefits of natural latex. Read to know what makes us the best and the most loved mattress in India.

Natural Latex Mattress: Say Goodbye to Your Sleep Woes

Shifting to a natural latex mattress from your existing mattress is one of the best decisions you can ever make in life. After all, natural latex is extremely comfortable, supportive and improves the blood circulation inside your body. Sleeping on it not just improves your sleep quality but also makes your body more active and energized every morning.

If you want to know what is the best natural latex mattress in India, we love to say that our premium quality and commitment to delivering good night’s sleep in every home has made us the best in no time. We have ten reasons to prove why are we the best natural latex mattress in India. Read to know them.

10 Reasons Why Morning Owl is the Best Natural Latex Mattress in India

Here are ten amazing Morning Owl features that make its stand out of the many latex mattress brands in India:

1. 100% Natural Latex Used

We do not use any harmful chemicals or additives in our mattresses, ensuring your safety as you sleep.

2. eco-INSTITUT Certification

Morning Owl is the first brand in India that holds eco-INSTITUT certification. With eco-INSTITUT, we pass various toxicological and ecological evaluations to make our mattresses safe even for allergic and sensitive people.

3. OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certification

We are also OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified according to which our mattresses are tested for harmful chemicals and substances.

4. 100 Nights of a Free Trial

While most of the latex mattress brands in India provide at most 30 days of a free trial or no trial at all, Morning Owl offers 100 nights of a free trial to all of its customers. It has been proven by many scientific studies that a person must sleep on a mattress for at least three months to notice a visible difference in their sleep routine, chronic body pain, spinal alignment, etc.

5. No-Cost EMIs

We aim to deliver good night’s sleep in every household first, without worrying about money-making. And that is why we offer no-cost EMIs to all our customers so that they can buy our mattress and get relaxing sleep while paying us conveniently in easy EMIs.

6. Free Shipping

We deliver our latex mattresses without any added charges or shipping costs.

7. No Questions Asked on Cancellations & Returns

Returning and cancelling your orders with us is hassle-free. We ask no questions and give a full refund in case of any mishap.

8. Medium Firmness

Our mattresses have medium firmness which makes them neither too soft nor too hard. With perfect softness and firmness, our mattresses are highly supportive and comfortable to sleep on.

9. Pin Core Holes

Morning Owl mattresses are made using pin core holes technology wherein thousands of small holes are punched into the latex foam while manufacturing the mattress. The holes make the mattress bouncy and breathable.

10. Noise Free

Our mattresses are great noise cancellers even if you sleep with a disturbing partner that tosses and turns all night long. With no noise of its own, our mattresses promote unhindered sleep at night.

Ready to Sleep on the Best Latex Mattress?

We hope you are as excited as us after going through our amazing features. Which of these factors intrigue you the most? Do you want to sleep on the Morning Owl natural latex mattress too? Feel free to contact us to grab your exclusive customer discount.

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