Learn The 10 Best Latex Mattresses Which You Can Find In Amazon India

Learn The 10 Best Latex Mattresses Which You Can Find In Amazon India

Summer has already grabbed all of us with it’s utmost intensity, and it’s that time of the year again when the scorching heat of the sun insists us not to step out during the day and enjoy the cool breeze of the AC inside. But, not every time an AC could be a solution to the problem of persistent heat and humidity. An air-condition can cost you a bomb in the form of exorbitant electricity charges. In order to avoid such a situation, you should consider bringing about a change in other household items; for example, a mattress. A mattress plays a key role in regulating your sleep cycle. A cool mattress never traps heat and humidity of the surrounding, which helps you sleep faster during summer. A natural latex mattress is one of the coolest mattresses you can find, which has numerous benefits for you and your family.

Listed below are 10 of the best latex mattresses which you can find in Amazon:

  1. 6-inch Latex Mattress, Morning Owl™ 100% Natural Latex Mattress, Mattress for Summer, Back and Spine Support Mattress, Medium Firm Mattress, Pincore Holes, King Size 75 * 72

    A mattress which is sourced 100% naturally, and is even processed in an organic way, Morning Owl Natural Latex Mattress is one of the best choice you can make this summer. Apart from the open-cell structure of the latex foam, it’s pin-core technology permits constant air flow at all weathers. You can never sleep hot on a Morning Owl natural latex mattress because of it’s enhanced breathability and hypoallergenic property.
    Price- Rs 41,249

  2. SleepSpa Nirvana Bamboo Fabric 6′ Inch Queen Size 7 Zone Pure Latex Foam Mattress (78X60X6, White)

    An ergonomically designed latex mattress with a unique feature of seven firmness zones, Nirvana 100% Natural Latex Mattress Foam Bamboo Fabric Mattress tops the chart in Amazon India. It surpasses all other mattresses in terms of its support and incredible comfort. The open-cell structure of the natural latex foam blended with luxurious bamboo fabric keeps the mattress cool all day/night long and makes it highly breathable.
    Price- Rs 52,867

  3. Dreamzee 100% Natural Latex Certified Organic Mattress – Single Size (72x36x5)

    This organic latex mattress is again, true to it’s natural sources. It has a unique temperature control technology which keeps you cool during summers, and warm during winters. It is anti-microbial, which suggests that it never allows mould and bacteria to settle on the mattress. Rest assured that you can sleep completely cool and dry without any fear of summer rashes or allergy.
    Price- Varies according to seller.

  4. Hush Orthopedic Natural Latex Mattress (78 x 72 x 5 inches) (King Size) (10 Year Warranty)

    Hush mattresses are not out-and-out made of natural latex foam since it’s base layer is made up of high resilience PU foam. The best part about this mattress is, it is reversible. You can flip the mattress according to your choice of firmness and comfort. One layer offers medium firm comfort, while the other offers a firm feel.
    Price- Rs 23,999

  5. Livpure Regal Advanced 8″ Memory Foam + Latex Mattress King Size (78x72x8 Inches)

    Designed with three different foams, namely, cool gel memory foam, latex mattress, and high-density support foam which combinedly provides an ultra-luxurious comfort. For heated nights, the Kooltex Cooltouch fabric lets you sleep peacefully without feeling sweaty, as it keeps the surface cool all night long.
    Price- Rs 33,299

  6. SleepyCat 7-Inch Natural Latex Foam Organic Orthopaedic Mattress- King Size (78x72x7 inches)

    Made with non-toxic materials, this SleepyCat mattress can be deemed completely safe and green. It’s 100% organic latex provides natural cooling and offers optimum support to the 7 zones of the body. It consists of a breezy inner cover, a smart removable zipper cover, anti-skid base fabric, and lastly, no harmful chemicals that can lead to off-gas.
    Price- Rs 24,989

  7. FoamsIndia® 100% Natural Latex Foam® Pearl Mattress Medium Firmness

    Pearl mattress is made of 100% natural latex foam like mentioned in it’s name. The latex pin-core technology keeps it perfectly cool. No synthetic chemicals are induced in the mattress, the reason why it is free from the menace of heat and other health hazards. It renders proper support to the body and retains shape faster than other mattresses.
    Price- Rs 16,711

  8. SLEEPSPA Organic Natural Latex Foam Mattress (King Size, 6-inch, Grey)

    This latex foam is made with the help of Indonesian Talalay technology, as a result, this organic latex layer is environmentally friendly, anti-microbial and dust mite resistant. It keeps a balance of temperature and moisture absorption so that you can enjoy a sound sleep in summer. You can have an amazing sleep experience as it instantly responds to the weight of your body.
    Price- Rs 21,899

  9. Wakefit Latex 6-inch Queen Mattress (78 x 60 x 6 inches)

    This latex mattress is comparatively cheaper, if you’re looking for comfort in a budget. This mattress is crafted with a 7-zone design where blocks of latex foam are created with varied density to support different body parts. Latex is a naturally cool material and is suited best for sleeping, especially during summers.
    Price- Rs 15,296

  10. PURESLEEP Natural Latex Foam Mattress – Soft (72X30X3 in)

    Perhaps the cheapest yet an amazing natural latex mattress available in Amazon. It consists of natural latex foam which has inbuilt cooling property and soft cushioning properties which contours heavy body parts. It’s the best budget buy if you’re looking for optimum comfort and sound sleep, which is little light on the pocket.
    Price- Rs 10,580


    Hope we’ve made it easier for you now to pick the best natural latex mattress available online. All the mattresses are reviewed best via Trustpilot and other reviewing sites. Often times during summer, you might find yourself tossing and turning at night because of sweatiness and irritation. Such a scenario is common during summers, but this doesn’t mean that you’ll keep letting it hamper your sleep. Latex foam is an organic foam that can work wonders during this irksome weather. Any of the above listed mattresses could help you get sound slumber which eventually help shape a better health and also, better mental balance.

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