Latex: The Best Mattress in Chennai for Hot & Humid Climate

Looking for the best mattress in Chennai? Want to sleep on a cooler surface that is highly supportive and doesn’t let allergens, dust mites, or bacteria trouble you? A latex mattress is the best mattress Chennai and the right choice for you!

Best Mattress in Chennai: Sleep on a Cool Surface

Chennai is a land of beauty and serenity, and living there is not less than a blessing. However, Chennai’s climate makes it slightly difficult for people to adjust to natural weather changes. Especially for a newbie, Chennai is hot and humid.

Usually, people of Chennai find difficulty in sleeping and keep on tossing and turning all night long. The trapping of body heat hinders a good night’s sleep and makes the sleeper uncomfortable. If you live in this beautiful state and looking for the best mattress in Chennai, you must invest in a latex mattress. Wondering why? Read on.

Latex is the Best Mattress Chennai

A latex mattress is undoubtedly the best mattress Chennai. We do not make false claims! We have evidence to prove our statement. Here are a few points that will let you know why you should invest in a latex mattress if you live in Chennai or any part of South India.

  • A latex mattress is eco-friendly as it is obtained from the sap of the Rubber tree.

  • It does not involve any types of harmful chemicals or additives in the manufacturing process.

  • This not only makes it hygienic but also hypoallergenic.

  • A natural latex mattress is so safe to sleep on that you can even let an infant, pregnant lady, or senior citizen sleep on it.

  • Moreover, latex mattress has incredible temperature regulation properties and absorbs the moisture and heat in the environment. This helps you sleep undisturbed and cool all night long.

  • The mattress has excellent air circulation and breathability that adds on to making you sleep cool at night.

  • A latex mattress doesn’t trap your body heat in any way.

  • The exceptional breathability and temperature regulation of a latex mattress are due to the pin core holes technology used in making the mattress.

  • While making the latex foam, over 7500 small pin core holes are punched into the mattress.

  • These holes make sure that air passes through your mattress and you don’t sweaty at night.

  • The bigger the holes, the better the latex mattress.

  • Pin core holes inside a latex mattress also make it bouncier, softer and most importantly, more cushioning.

  • Last but not least, a latex mattress is highly supportive and has a medium firmness, making it a perfect sleeping surface for Chennaiites.

Are these factors not enough to conclude that you must invest in a latex mattress if you live in Chennai? Rest, you can do more research and find scientific proofs for your satisfaction. If you want to buy a latex mattress, make sure that you only buy a natural latex mattress and never purchase a blended or synthetic latex mattress.

Morning Owl takes pride in promising you exceptional quality to match your needs. We are sure that our natural latex mattress will prove to be a one-time investment for you! If you are tight on money, don’t worry! You can buy the Morning Owl latex mattress at no-cost EMIs and pay easily. Contact us via phone call to get your doubts clear and grab some exclusive discount.



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