Latex Mattress Price In India

How To Know Which Latex Mattress Price In India Is Correct

Latex is a 100% natural substance as it is obtained from the sap of the sturdy rubber tree. Latex foam has no chemicals induced in it and is completely safe. Mattresses made up of chemicals like polyurethane, is processed fast and is easily available, the reason why it’s comparatively cheap. Anything natural is procured in a very delicate manner and the same goes along with a latex mattress. Latex mattress price in India is determined by the density of latex foam and authenticity of the source.

How to find an authentic latex mattress?

The price of latex mattress varies from brand to brand. There are brands which sell latex mattress at an amount similar to that of a regular mattress; then there are brands which sell it in a slightly higher range. In both the cases, the authenticity of the mattress is compromised. You can never find it labeled as a 100% organic mattress neither will you see any certification. Such a mattress is composed of one thin layer of latex of low density. These kinds of mattresses mostly compose two to three materials like memory foam or spring with one latex layer in the middle or above to impart a voluminous look. This is the reason why the costing is low compared to a 100% natural latex mattress.

A 100% natural latex mattress price in India is usually set high because of its originality and all-natural composition. It is actually a fruitful investment since such a mattress promises to last as long as 15 years or even more if taken proper care. A 100% organic latex mattress is highly breathable and responsive as it has all the layers made of latex. It’s firmness and back support is unmatchable just like it’s supreme comfort. Moreover, a good latex mattress brand has renowned certifications to verify it’s authenticity which you can get to see when you buy it. A natural latex mattress holds certifications of OEKO-TEX, eco-institut, BRIT QUALIS and is ISO certified.

It’s a normal human behavior to fall for a cheaply priced product and not looking into the material inside. In order to have the best comfort which is both eco-friendly and luxurious, one needs to dive deep into the substance beneath. A natural latex mattress is a product generated from the essence of nature and therefore, it poses no harm to either the planet or it’s dependents.

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