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How to Buy Online Crib Mattress? Do’s and Don’ts

Wondering why you should buy online crib mattress than offline? Don’t know how to select the right mattress for your baby? Browse through this little guide to know all about buying a crib mattress.

Baby Mattress: A Huge Responsibility for Parents

Buying a mattress for yourself comes with a lot of research to give your body the right support. Moreover, when you are searching one for your baby, the responsibility gets double. If you want to buy a crib mattress, you should be extra careful to ensure your bub gets the right support and sleeps safe and comfortable.

The mattress industry is flooded with mattress options making it difficult to select the right mattress. Exorbitant claims and cheap materials used inside make them further difficult to differentiate. Hence, it is better to buy online crib mattress to take your time to skim through, shortlist, and finalize one.

Buying from brick and mortar stores often leads to a rushed and manipulative decision due to the brainwashing caused by the salesmen. Furthermore, buying online also gives you a detailed idea about the types of baby mattresses available, what size to go for and specifications to look at. So, if you are ready to buy online crib mattress, we’ll help you understand how to find the right crib mattress.

Buy Online Crib Mattress: What’s the Right Material?

Before knowing how to find the best crib mattress online, it is very important to look at the options available and analyze which one is best for your child. Here are a few things that you must look for in a baby mattress:

1. Nature-Friendliness

It ensures your child sleeps on a chemical-free, safe surface.

2. Breathability

A mattress with good air circulation keeps the child sweat-free at night and prevents incidents like suffocation while sleeping. It also improves the blood circulation inside the body.

3. Medium Firmness

A medium-firm mattress is sure to provide adequate support to your baby’s back.

4. Comfort

It is equally important for the mattress to be comfortable for the child.

5. Noise Free

A mattress that isolates motion transfer and makes zero noise helps promote sound sleep in babies.

Which Material Qualifies to be the Best Baby Mattress?

Natural latex is undoubtedly the best choice for a crib mattress as it possesses all the qualities necessary for a baby mattress. It is extremely comfortable and supportive. It promotes deep sleep without making any noise and keeps your child undisturbed at night. Most importantly, it is hypoallergenic and breathable to keep your child safe and free from exhaustion.

However, if you are buying a natural latex mattress and manage to get it offline, always make sure to check the certifications. It is very crucial to ensure that the crib mattress has been made using 100% natural latex, without the involvement of any harmful chemical compounds or additives. Many brands sell blended or synthetic latex in the name of natural latex which may cause allergies to your child. So, be aware and cross-check the certifications beforehand.

How to Choose the Right Crib Mattress Brand?

Here are some factors you must look for in a baby mattress brand:

·         Free shipping

·         Easy cancelations

·         Hassle-free returns

·         Financing facility available

·         Flexible policies

·         15 or more years of warranty

The Bottom Line

Morning Owl is proud to be India’s most loved and bestselling crib mattress brand. We offer exclusive discounts on crib mattresses and manufacture them with love and utmost care in different sizes. We not only offer a financing facility on all our mattresses but also pay extreme attention to sleep accessories made for little ones. 

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