How Can You Sleep Best To Improve Productivity At Work

How Can You Sleep Best To Improve Productivity At Work

It doesn’t require much to improve productivity at work, just some minor adjustments in your daily life and bingo! You’re the best employee of the month. Following a set pattern will enhance your body’s natural resources to get deep sleep at night, which eventually leads to high level of activity throughout the day, and also a focused, less strained mind.

We have a quick guide to get you less and yet best sleep that will enhance productivity in daytime:

How Can You Sleep Best To Improve Productivity At Work

1. Cut the screen time

You need to put the phone aside after a certain point of time. Get rid of tech induced sleep affects by turning it off 30 minutes before sleeping.

2. Use weighted blankets

Studies have shown that weighted blankets gets you to sleep earlier, deeper and longer. Both adults and children have shown great improvement in lower scale of anxiety, sound sleep and waking up refreshed.

3. Quit overthinking

Put an end to those extra thoughts! Counting sheep or worrying about what is not letting you sleep can actually trigger insomnia. Instead, listen to some soft music or read a book until you feel dizzy.

4. Never quit breakfast

It’s a no brainer, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cutting off the overnight fast, you stabilize your brain and activate your sensors that it’s time to get to action.

5. Exercise and meditate

Exercise stimulates productivity and meditation act as a boost to your memory. Researches link exercise with better slow-wave sleep- a deep state during which the mind and body rejuvenates.

6. Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is as much important for sleep as it is in the day. If you’re waking up in the middle of the night with a dry mouth, itchy throat or cramps, chances are, you are going to bed dehydrated.

7. Get a perfect mattress

This is perhaps, the most important key to sound sleep and increased productivity. If you often find yourself waking up to readjust your sleep positions in order to find a comfortable spot, you need to reconsider your mattress. Find the perfect mattress at first before taking up all the measures mentioned above.

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