How Can Poor Sleep Result In Low Sense Of Worth

How Can Poor Sleep Result In Low Sense Of Worth

It goes without saying that quality sleep leads to cheerful mood and a positive feeling for oneself. Lack of sleep is directly linked with number of health issues, but additionally, there are more complications which stem from poor sleep quality. One such negative consequence is a loss of self-worth or low self-esteem. This is quite an unusual effect of sleep deprivation, which has been proven by research.

How is poor sleep associated with reduced self-esteem?

Here’s what studies have found-

A solid link has been established between low self-esteem and sleep deprivation. In 2013, a study over 1800 adults found that the ones who slept some six or below six hours per night, were more negative in their thought-process and suffered from reduced self-esteem, compared to the ones who slept for the ideal eight hours every night. It was interesting to note that, a similar result was found in those sleeping for nine hours or more, concluding that, even too much of sleep can have a negative impact, and is much of an issue as sleeping less than six hours.

What is the connection?

The underlying cause of this connection is caught in the fact that inadequate sleep makes a person more emotionally vulnerable and prone to stress and anxiety. When given a situation which could normally be dealt with, becomes a source of too much tension and anxiety for a sleep deprived person. This is the reason why some people cannot handle minor criticism or errors, and they would end up undermining their self-worth. Now that the connection is built, a person deprived of adequate sleep is less likely to perform at his/her best. Therefore, insufficient or poor sleep quality leads to a vicious cycle that can have severe effects on self-esteem. Increased level of anxiety and depression, can be seen as a result of low self-worth, which again is connected to sleep deprivation.

What can be done?

Of course, the most definite solution to this problem is to improve the overall sleep quality by hook and crook. Few of the best ways to start off would be:

  • Get rid of all the electronic devices one hour before going to bed. The increased screen time disrupts the circadian rhythm by making you more wakeful instead of sleepy.

  • Try to read a novel before bed. Reading can alleviate stress and assist you in falling asleep faster.

  • The quality of sleep is also, directly connected with the surface on which you sleep. An uneven mattress can make you toss and turn multiple times for finding that perfect spot, thereby, disrupting your sleep. It’s high time that you should get rid of that mattress.

You should definitely consider upgrading your sleep surface by switching to an advanced natural mattress with no toxins and enhanced support. With Morning Owl natural latex mattress, you sure get a very pleasant and comfortable surface to sleep on. With it’s extra pressure relieving feature and proper spine alignment, it imparts the perfect firmness along with that plush feel which induces sleep faster than any other mattress. It’s an environmentally friendly mattress which will definitely help you sleep in more ways than one. The best part is, it’s a one-time investment for a lifelong quality sleep, as our natural latex mattress can live up to twenty years or more.

In addition to changing your mattress, you must also practice meditation and mindful exercises which helps taking off tension and anxiety. Starting for a regular workout regimen can also help you boost your self-esteem like no other. These are some solid tips to help you get quality sleep over the years. By adopting these fewer practices, you can surely feel a positive change in yourself, you can have an improved sleep cycle and a cheerful frame of mind.

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