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High Latex Mattress Price: How to Fix and Avoid (An Expert Guide)

No matter how influenced new buyers are, they are always bothered by natural latex mattress price. Comparing its slightly higher cost with memory foam, coir, or spring mattresses pushes them to take the wrong decision just to save a little money. Your body is not worth taking risks but there are many ways to tackle the high price of a product that is a lifesaver! Read to know more.

What Makes Natural Latex Mattress Price High?

After its medium firmness, breathability, high support, and hypoallergenic nature, one of the biggest things talked about a natural latex mattress is its high price. Although you can easily find many deals and discounts online, these mattresses are still expensive and not under the budget of many buyers. This raises a huge question – what makes natural latex mattresses so expensive?

Well, we hope you also agree with us that quality comes with a price tag. Of course, we do not mean that no other mattress type in this world has good quality but we certainly mean no mattress can match the support and comfort than that of latex mattresses. These mattresses are ergonomically designed to provide the right support to the spinal column. But that alone doesn’t add to its cost.

·         The biggest reason that makes natural latex quite more expensive than others is that natural latex is carefully collected by tapping rubber trees that are grown organically without any pesticides or fertilizers.

·         Not only the main trees are 100% natural but the collection of sap is also done with utmost hygiene and care.

·         Once the sap is collected in around 24 hours, it is taken for processing into the manufacturing zones.

·         First, the sap is filtered and made sure there were no impurities added during the collection.

·         From processing to manufacturing, packing, and delivering, it is ensured at each stage that natural latex is 100% natural, without any toxins or additives.

·         Furthermore, each latex mattress is then checked to ensure 100% safety.

The eco-friendly approach and manufacturing certainly add to its cost. Furthermore, only a person who sleeps on a natural latex mattress can testify whether it is worth a purchase or not. For us, it is. You can also find cheap latex mattresses in the market but remember that those mattresses are not made up of 100% natural latex.

How Can I Purchase a Natural Latex Mattress at a Low Budget?

Now that you know why natural latex mattress price is high and still worth it, you must be wondering how you can anyway skip the extravagant cost and purchase the mattress under your budget. For the same, we recommend:

·         Look for natural latex mattresses online as well as in mattress stores.

·         Compare the specifications and costs.

·         Opt for a mattress that offers maximum benefits at a competitive price.

·         Further, look for coupon codes online or wait for festive seasons for higher deals and offers.

·         If you still cannot find something under your budget, purchase the mattress at the no-cost EMI option and divide the total cost in monthly installments.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you understand why a natural latex mattress price is higher than any other mattress in the market. You can purchase Morning Owl Medium Firm 100% natural latex mattresses using the EMI facility at a 0% interest rate. Remember, we aim for your deep sleep and not on making money. You can pay us conveniently in monthly installments.

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About Morning Owl:

We Want To Make Healthy Sleep Accessible And Affordable.

Our Journey Began When Few Years Back One Of The Founding Team Members Set Out To Buy A Good Healthy Mattress. Most Of What Was Available Was Synthetic And Chemical Infused. Latex Mattress Sold Offline Was Way Too Expensive Because Of High Margins Imposed By Retailers.

The Mattress Most Consumers Use Are Made Of Carcinogenic Chemicals (Memory Foam, Bonded Foam Etc) Or Loses Its Shape/ Is Unable To Provide Proper Spinal Alignment ( Cotton Mattress, Spring Mattress Etc). Since We Live A Very Sedentary Life, Good Night’s Sleep Is Even More Important.

Sleep Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Lives. It Is When The Body Repairs Itself And Gets Ready For A Better Tomorrow. While Most Indians Are Overworked And Barely Get The Required 7-8 Hours Of Sleep, The Quality Of Sleep Is Also Very Poor.

We started Morning Owl with 3 basic mission points:

1: Provide Natural, 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows. No Chemicals And Completely Safe

2:Design Mattresses & Pillows To Lull You To Restful Sleep. Make Sure Your Spine And Neck Get Optimum Support.

3:Make Luxury Affordable! Remove The Middlemen And Their Margin. Straight From The Forests Of Kerala To Your Bedroom.

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