Morning Owl Crib Mattress

Get Your Baby A Dreamy Slumber With Morning Owl Crib Mattress

Is your baby waking up at intervals every night? Or, is he/she can’t stop weeping at night because the little munchkin is finding it hard to sleep? If you probe into the problem you will find out that it’s not always the diaper which irritates your baby. You spend a bomb on diapers so that your baby can sleep peacefully, but what if it’s only a part of the problem?

Mattresses made of chemicals like memory foam mattress or spring mattress can have an adverse effect on the sleep health of your baby as it can allow allergens to settle on it. This in turn leads to rashes and other kinds of allergies which irritates you baby’s skin and doesn’t allow him/her to have a sound sleep.

Why to get a Morning Owl Crib Mattress

Your baby requires proper nap so that he stays happy and jolly all day long. In order to give your baby that joy you can get a Morning Owl crib mattress which is tailor-made to impart your bundle of joy the comfort it wants.

Morning Owl crib mattress is made up of 100% organic latex which is completely free from polyurethane or other such harmful and toxic chemicals that can affect your baby. Latex is a 100% natural product which is procured from the sap of the rubber tree and the further process of making the foam and creating a mattress doesn’t involve use of any chemicals. The chemicals used in other kinds of mattress leads to off-gas which is the emission of toxic chemicals in the air. This aspect is bad for the atmosphere of the room as a whole and this can impact your baby’s health as well.

A Morning Owl crib mattress consists of a medium firm natural latex layer which provides the best desired support to your baby by molding according to his/her body.

Need not to worry about the wetness since our mattress has got a waterproof and 100% natural cotton cover. This helps the baby to stay cool and dry without any irritation in the middle of the night. It plays a dual role by protecting your baby from the heat of the summer and the chills of the winter thereby keeping your little person warm and cozy all night long.

No allergies or rashes can touch your baby as our all-natural Dunlop latex is hypoallergenic, which suggests that it is resistant of all forms of bacteria and dust-mites. Your baby’s skin health as well as sleep health has been prioritized well while making this little mattress.

Practicing sleep on this Morning Owl baby mattress help the bones of your child to be aligned allaying some of the pressure, thereby allowing his muscles, veins and arteries to relax. This in turn improves overall blood circulation of your child and imparts a better sleep.

Sleep is of utmost importance for your baby. Since birth till the age of two, babies sleep for the most part than they are awake. This sleep helps the baby’s brain functioning and memorizing power. It is during this time that your baby’s brain is busiest growing.

While for many of us adults it looks like a baby is just sleeping, the reality is that an innumerable amount of physical and mental development is occurring during this nap. An essential layer of fat called myelin forms around nerve fibres while they are asleep and moreover, recent research shows connections between the left and right hemispheres of children’s brains are strengthened during sleep.

These developments helps the brain of your child to function maturely. It also stimulates critical abilities such as language, attention, and impulse control. Brain activity while napping has a direct effect on a child’s ability to learn and affects developmental and mood patterns. You can now draw this simple conclusion that your baby’s sleep is directly proportional to his/her brain development. Therefore without any further delay choose what is right for your baby, choose Morning Owl crib mattress for your child’s best sleep and overall growth.

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