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Frequently Asked Questions About Orthopedic Latex Mattress

Confused about what is an orthopedic latex mattress and whether it is worth the hype or not? Wondering does your body need it or is it not meant for you? Read to find answers to all your questions about orthopedic latex mattresses.

Let’s Answer Some FAQs about an Orthopedic Latex Mattress

An orthopedic latex mattress is a mattress made using 100% natural latex to correct the posture, properly align the spinal column and eventually treat, reduce, and prevent back pain. This type of mattress is ergonomically designed to conform to the curves of the body despite the position the sleeper prefers.

If you are also wondering whether you need one or not, here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the same:

1. How is an orthopedic latex mattress different than a regular natural latex mattress?

Although both these types of mattresses are the same in size and quality, they differ in their structure, method of manufacturing, layering, and other technicalities. On a general note, orthopedic mattresses are denser yet more breathable to give more support to the back.

2. What are the benefits of sleeping on an orthopedic mattress?

An orthopedic mattress has medium-firmness and is ergonomically designed to provide relief to back pain, sore pressure points, inflammation, stiff muscles, joint muscles, etc. It increases the blood flow inside the body to reduce discomfort and reduce pressure on the blood vessels.

3. Can anyone sleep on an orthopedic mattress?

Although these mattresses are particularly made for people suffering from chronic body pain, they are not restricted to only such types of people. Anyone can sleep on an orthopedic mattress to give better support to their back. Also, people of types of sleeping positions can avail the benefits of sleeping on an orthopedic mattress.

4. Just like orthopedic mattresses, are there any orthopedic pillows?

Yes. Just like orthopedic mattresses, orthopedic pillows are also available in the market. They help correct the posture while sleeping and help with issues like insomnia, snoring, back pain, neck pain, neck arthritis, etc.

5. Why is natural latex the best material for orthopedic mattresses?

Although you can easily find memory foam orthopedic mattresses too, natural latex orthopedic mattresses are the best and the most highly recommended because they are natural, more breathable, have the right firmness, and hypoallergenic unlike the former.

6. How much do natural latex orthopedic mattresses generally cost?

On average, a 6 inches high single-sized natural latex orthopedic mattress costs somewhere around ₹36,999.

7. How firm is a natural latex orthopedic mattress?

On a scale of 1 to 10, natural latex orthopedic mattresses have a firmness of around 7 to 8. However, the exact firmness depends from brand to brand.

8. Are orthopedic mattresses made up of latex durable?

Natural latex orthopedic mattresses are highly durable and can easily last you for around 25 years. However, depending upon the care, usage, and maintenance, these mattresses can even last you longer. 

The Key Takeaway

We hope we helped you find most of the answers you were looking for! If we still missed something, feel free to connect with us and clear your doubts. Morning Owl’s 100% natural latex orthopedic mattresses have soon become India’s most recommend orthopedic mattress by doctors, osteopaths, and chiropractors. It’s time to grab yours now!

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