Few Little Changes You Can Make To Achieve An Improved Sleep Cycle

Few Little Changes You Can Make To Achieve An Improved Sleep Cycle

It is not easy to bring about quick changes in our daily routine especially, when we juggle between a professional and a private life. Modern day problems involve a lot to deal with and we know that the increasing anxiety and hypertension amongst people is the reason behind sleeplessness and other sleep disorders. There is this constant struggle to correct the sleep timing so that one can be in good health and doesn’t have to feel drowsy at work.

We are totally aware of a disciplined lifestyle, a lifestyle which can give us a better overall health. However, we contribute really less in this regard and sometimes even laugh away the thought. If you have been in this state, we have some news for you. Just by making slight changes you can bring about an amazing transformation in your sleep cycle and can achieve great heath.

Let’s list down the few tips that can help you get started:

  • Curb your screen time before sleeping

There is a proper scientific explanation behind not being able to sleep at night when we get into too much of screen time. Our brain produces a sleep hormone named melatonin which regulates our circadian rhythm, or rather the sleep-wake cycle. When we allow too much of light at night to get into our eyes, the production of melatonin gets suppressed. You can prevent this by curbing the screen time of your phone, laptop, tablet and TV. Just stop using it at least 1 hour before going to sleep.

  • Turn on night mode

Smartphones these days come with a ‘night mode’ feature. Enabling this would reduce the exposure to excess blue light emitted by your device screens. The reason behind-blue light convinces your brain in thinking that it’s not yet time to sleep or it’s still daytime. Therefore, schedule your night mode to turn on and off at night. This way you won’t forget to do this task as it will function automatically.

  • Your bedroom is the key

It is not really the amount of time you sleep but the quality of a deep sleep which results in a better health. It is very important that you sleep uninterrupted and that nothing should distract you while you’re trying to sleep. In order to do so, keep your phone aside by putting on the DND mode, use mosquito repellents just in case and the most important part is, get a good mattress that would provide optimum comfort and conform to your postures.

  • Exercise, it’s not that difficult!

If you feel like your work involves a lot of physical activity, then you might be able to get quick sleep as soon as you go to bed since you’re mostly exhausted. But if it’s more of a desk job or work from home, then you must exercise regularly, even if it’s for half an hour. Tiredness before going to bed plays a great part in making you fall asleep faster.

  • Relax just before you go to bed

Don’t carry so much of work stress or personal life stress to bed. This would badly hamper even the slightest drowsiness which you experience in bed. Try to relax yourself right before you sleep and make it a pre-sleep routine. For example, read a novel, take a nice shower or something which according to you is pleasing and releases all the stress and gets you rid of anxiety. This actually helps to sleep at a proper time.


We’re pretty sure that the above mentioned tips aren’t difficult to execute at all. It just takes a little determination and self-love to incorporate the above points in your daily routine in order to correct your sleep cycle which would not just improve your overall health in a significant manner but would also impart delightful mornings. Happy sleep!

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