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FAQs You Must Read If You Want to Buy Online Crib Mattress

Want to buy online crib mattress but confused about which type of mattress to pick? Thinking about how to shortlist the best crib mattress? Read to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about buying the same.

Want to Buy Online Crib Mattress? Let’s Answer Some FAQs!

If you want to buy online crib mattress, the confusion is even more than buying a mattress for adults. After all, babies are more sensitive and cannot be risked in any way. Generally, people have similar types of questions on their minds when they decide to buy a new crib mattress. Here are our answers to them:

buy online crib mattress

1. Is it safe to buy a crib mattress online?

Yes. It is completely safe and in fact beneficial to buy a crib mattress online if you choose the best mattress after doing a thorough research and make the purchase from a trusted online shopping portal. Online mattress shopping can save you more money, offer free shipping, flexible policies, and hassle-free delivery.

2. What is the best mattress type for a baby mattress?

Babies need a hypoallergenic, natural and highly breathable mattress that aligns their back perfectly, lets them sleep undisturbed without any noise, and is neither too firm nor too soft. A natural latex mattress qualifies for the same and is hence, the best mattress type for crib mattresses.

3. Which is the best Indian baby crib mattress brand?

According to a recent report, Morning Owl was chosen to be India’s most loved crib mattress brand.

4. What should the ideal size of a baby mattress be?

Generally, the breadth of a crib mattress is around 28 inches and the length is approximately 52 inches. Morning Owl crib mattresses are available in two sizes viz. 28″x58″ and 24″x48” – both with 3 inches of thickness. Moreover, baby mattresses should not exceed a thickness of 6 inches.

5. Should baby mattresses be soft or firm?

Crib mattresses should be medium-firm to avoid babies sink inside the mattress. Furthermore, a medium-firm mattress ensures that the baby’s spinal column is perfectly aligned and postural deformities are corrected.

6. Should I pick a memory foam or a latex mattress for a baby crib?

Although memory foam mattresses are also quite highly sold for cribs, sleep experts do not recommend them. This is because these types of mattresses are neither natural nor hypoallergenic. Furthermore, they use the baby’s body heat to soften which in turn can cause the baby to feel suffocated and sweaty.

In many cases, memory foam crib mattresses have been known to cause SIDS – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. So, even if the brand makes countless promises, the mattress is not worth compromising with your baby’s health.

7. How much does a baby mattress generally cost?

Since we only consider a natural latex mattress as the best one for the crib, we have only shared the cost for the same. Please note that this is just approximate pricing but the actual cost may vary from brand to brand, depending on size, thickness, specifications, etc.

·         48″X24″ (3 Inches): ₹8,995 or more

·         58″X28″ (3 Inches): ₹10,495 or more

crib mattress
8. Why should crib mattresses be highly breathable?

Crib mattresses should be highly breathable to avoid the chances of heat-trapping, sweating, and SIDS.

The Bottom Line

We hope we helped you find answers to some of the main questions on your mind and made it easier for you to buy online crib mattress. Remember that even if it takes longer and a little more money to finalize the mattress, do not hurry and avoid making an uninformed decision. Baby mattresses should be bought with extreme care and thought because they are too little to experiment with.

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