Extravagant Wedding Return Gift Ideas

If you are planning your wedding, have you ticked all the tasks on your wedding checklist? Date, venue, theme, dress, food, vendors, planner, caterers, cake, etc – but what about the wedding return gifts? What wedding splurges have you planned for your guests? We know selecting “special” items is a difficult process and that is what we are here for. If you’re looking for something extra special for your wedding guests while money is not an issue, we have some exceptional picks for you all!

If you are looking for worthy and extravagant items for your wedding, here are our top five suggestions.

1. Morning Owl Mattresses

An extremely comfortable latex mattress like Morning Owl Mattress can prove to be the best wedding return gift for your loved ones. Don’t you want them to remember and bless you as a couple each time they lie down on their beds? Morning Owl Mattresses are made up of 100% organic latex and are extremely supportive and cozy. The best thing about Morning Owl is that you can provide promo codes to your guests and Morning Owl will get the mattresses delivered directly at your guests’ homes without any hassles or extra charges. 

2. Platinum Jewelry Boxes

Metal jewelry boxes are all over the place and if you want something super fancy for your guests, why not get personalized platinum jewelry boxes made? Probably, ones with the initials of your names engraved, etched or embossed? Who wouldn’t love a precious gift which is useful as well as a lovely piece of decor?

3. A Branded Watch

A luxurious and branded watch is another great gifting idea on your wedding. Allow your family and friends to look at the best “time” for giving “time” to you on your precious “time”. An opulent watch will not only make your guests happy and excited but will also remember you for a lifetime.

4. Jacuzzi Bathtub

We love a Jacuzzi Bathtub for the wonders it does and we feel that it is a lovely gifting idea. Your guests would love to experience relaxing and luxurious bathing without having to spend a hefty amount of time and money in spas and salons.

5. Electronic Gadgets 

Last but not the least; we believe that it would be a great idea to gift some technology to your friends and family. No matter wherever we go, it is literally impossible to stay away from electronic gadgets. Collaborate with your favorite tech brand and gift the latest phones, earphones, laptops, smart watches or power banks to your guests, as per their choices and preferences.


Remember, a gift is for a lifetime. So, when you finalize the best wedding return gift for your special bunch of people, make sure you invest in proper time and thoughts to make the best decision. The gift you give should make the person feel happy and should be something that they’ll never forget. We suggest investing in something with great quality and shelf life. 

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