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Eight Reasons You Need to Switch to a Latex Mattress Today

Want to know how a latex mattress can make a huge difference in your life? Looking for the “real” reasons that make latex mattresses stand out from the crowd. Read on to find the secret benefits of sleeping on a natural latex mattress instead of a regular one.

Amazing Benefits of Sleeping on a 100% Natural Latex Mattress

Before getting started, we would want you to know that while talking about latex mattresses, we only consider 100% natural latex mattresses. The other types of latex mattresses are synthetic latex mattresses and blended latex mattresses. These two types of mattresses are very unsafe to sleep on.

Here are the top reasons why we recommend sleeping on a latex mattress:

1. Natural Origin:

Unlike synthetic and blended latex that is originated from many petrochemicals, natural latex is obtained from the Rubber Tree. The tree is grown and harvested using completely natural ways without the involvement of any chemicals.

2. Highly Adjusting:

Natural latex mattresses adjust to the curves of all types of sleepers despite their weight. Low-quality mattresses can sink under the sleepers’ weight but latex mattresses adjust to the curves, exudes an instant buoyant force to support the body, and do not form any sort of permanent indentations on the top surface.

3. Very Supportive:

The adjusting quality of natural latex hence makes the mattress very supportive and perfect for people with shoulder and chronic back pain. The mattress conforms to the well and helps to align the spinal column in the right way.

4. Eliminates Postural Deformities:

The right alignment also improves the posture and eliminates postural deformities, if any. Furthermore, the pressure points of the body are evenly distributed so that there is no muscle soreness, stiffness, aches, etc.

5. No Noise:

One of the biggest reasons people prefer sleeping on a natural latex mattress is that it does not make any type of sound while bearing weight. So, if you toss and turn in the night, you won’t be disturbed by any creaky sounds.

6. Point Elasticity:

This is a unique trait of latex that helps isolating and diving motion transfer without disturbing other areas of the mattress. So, if you sleep with a pet or a disturbing partner, your mattress isolates the motion transfer to help you sleep relaxed without any distraction.

7. Medium Firmness:

Most of the mattresses don’t work as claimed because they are either too soft or too firm. Latex mattresses have medium firmness which is recommended for the human body. This helps reduce and prevent body aches.

8. High Breathability:

Last but certainly not least, latex mattresses are highly breathable. So, even if you sleep on them in the hottest weather, you won’t be hot or sweaty at all. This is contrary to memory foam mattresses which trap body heat and make the sleeper very uncomfortable. The amazing breathability also helps in improving the blood circulation inside the body which further soothes body pains.

Ready to Sleep on the Best Mattress?

These amazing qualities of a latex mattress make it the best mattress for everyone. Furthermore, these types of mattresses are hypoallergenic and completely safe for pregnant ladies, infants, kids, and senior citizens. Morning Owl’s 100% Natural Latex Mattresses are sure to help you sleep better like never before. We provide exclusive customer discount to our blog readers. Contact us today!

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About Morning Owl:

We Want To Make Healthy Sleep Accessible And Affordable.

Our Journey Began When Few Years Back One Of The Founding Team Members Set Out To Buy A Good Healthy Mattress. Most Of What Was Available Was Synthetic And Chemical Infused. Latex Mattress Sold Offline Was Way Too Expensive Because Of High Margins Imposed By Retailers.

The Mattress Most Consumers Use Are Made Of Carcinogenic Chemicals (Memory Foam, Bonded Foam Etc) Or Loses Its Shape/ Is Unable To Provide Proper Spinal Alignment ( Cotton Mattress, Spring Mattress Etc). Since We Live A Very Sedentary Life, Good Night’s Sleep Is Even More Important.

Sleep Is The Most Important Aspect Of Our Lives. It Is When The Body Repairs Itself And Gets Ready For A Better Tomorrow. While Most Indians Are Overworked And Barely Get The Required 7-8 Hours Of Sleep, The Quality Of Sleep Is Also Very Poor.

We started Morning Owl with 3 basic mission points:

1: Provide Natural, 100% Pure Latex Mattress & Pillows. No Chemicals And Completely Safe

2:Design Mattresses & Pillows To Lull You To Restful Sleep. Make Sure Your Spine And Neck Get Optimum Support.

3:Make Luxury Affordable! Remove The Middlemen And Their Margin. Straight From The Forests Of Kerala To Your Bedroom.

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