Choose The Best Latex Mattress For Your Family

A latex mattress is a heaven-sent sleep accessory and enables a night of sound sleep. The best thing about buying a latex mattress is that it has a high lifespan due to the durability of natural latex. Moreover, latex is wonderful in relieving the pain from the body and preventing joint and muscle pain. Also, latex has the ability to resist dust mites and molds. 

Hence, it is a very comfortable and worthy mattress. However, choosing the best requires a high amount of research and leads to extreme confusion. If you are wonderstruck by the numerous advantages of sleeping on a latex mattress and probably want to buy one for you and your family, here’s an easy guide to know how to choose the best latex mattress.

1. 100% Natural vs Blended Latex: The first point to consider while planning to purchase a latex mattress is to know the difference between 100% natural and blended latex. 100% natural latex is produced from the rubber tree through natural processes whereas blended latex is produced by blending some specific quantity of latex with various fillers or polymers to increase the quantity. Natural latex is the least toxic and actually safe to sleep on. On the other hand, blended latex is neither eco-friendly nor safe.

2. Comfort vs Support: As latex is a pricey material, there are two options to consider while buying it. Latex as a comfort layer basically means that only the upper layer of your mattress is made of latex to deliver incredible softness and comfort. This is a cost-effective option. On the other hand, if support is your priority over money, latex as a support layer is the right choice for you. In that case, you should buy an entire latex mattress to avail maximum benefits out of its durability and conforming abilities. 

3. Certification: Another key factor to consider while buying a latex mattress is to check the certification of the latex used in the manufacturing of the mattress. Certifications like OEKO-TEX Standard 100, BRIT QUALIS and eco-INSTITUT ensure that the latex used in the mattress has met 100% natural process, is toxins free and harmless as a sleeping material.

4. Trial Period: The trial period is another very important aspect to consider when you are buying a latex mattress. It is an expensive mattress and you don’t want to make the wrong choice, right? So, you must buy a latex mattress that allows some sort of trial period. For example, mattresses brands such as Morning Owl, WakeFit, SleepyHead, etc, offer a 100 nights free trial to take note of how a customer’s sleep gets better after sleeping on their mattress.

5. Impression Load Deflection (ILD): Don’t forget to check about the ILD of the latex mattress you are buying. Basically, ILD is a rating or measure of the amount of softness/firmness a mattress has. It is measured in certain ways and you can ask the mattress brand about it. So, you must never overlook the ILD of the latex mattress you want to buy. 

Generally, an ILD of 20 is the most common in latex mattresses but talking about it precisely, an ILD of 12 is considered very soft whereas that of 50 is considered very firm. So, if comfort is your main priority, go for a lower ILD and if firmness is your area of interest, refer to a mattress with higher ILD.


We hope this guide helped you in analyzing what factors you need to prioritize while finalizing a deal about your new latex mattress. Apart from these, check for the customer reviews, durability, warranty, more certifications, and most importantly – support and comfort. Just invest some time, research and attention in this regard, and you might find the best latex mattress soon!

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