Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses

Can Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses eradicate the Agony of Back problems?

In this 21st century breakdown, back aches, cervical issues, and other kinds of lumbago are prevalent to be seen in the Indian population.

As a matter of fact, school kids nowadays are a prey of back pain. They often complain about sitting on a chair for studying, and lie down on their beds for hovering through their textbooks.

But are they doing the right thing? And if they, are they doing it the right way?

First, let’s take a look at what causes back problems?

Back pain frequently occurs without a known reason that your doctor can determine through a test or imaging scan.

Causes of Back Aches and Spinal Disorders:

  • Back muscles and ligaments can be strained by repeated heavy lifting or a sudden uncomfortable movement. Constant tension on your back might create severe muscle spasms if you’re in poor physical shape.

  • Disks function as cushions between your spine’s bones (vertebrae). A disk’s soft substance might expand or rupture, putting pressure on a nerve. A bulging or ruptured disc, on the other hand, can cause no back discomfort.

  • The lower back can be affected by osteoarthritis. In certain circumstances, arthritis in the spine can cause spinal stenosis, which is a narrowing of the area around the spinal cord.

  • If your bones become porous and fragile, the vertebrae in your spine might suffer severe fractures. This is what we call osteoporosis

Some common causes of sprain and strain in our back include:

  • Heavy-lifting and or twisting the spine while lifting

  • Sudden movements that might cause stress on the lower back, just like tripping over something, or falling from a height.

  • Poor Posture all the time.

  • Sports injuries, especially in sports that involve large forces of impact, such as American Football, Javelin throw, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, etc.

With all this being said, a major factor which is causing back problems in most of us is our sleeping habits and the mattress we choose to sleep on.

The need of the hour is changing to orthopaedic mattresses, if we didn’t yet.

An orthopaedic mattress is a hard piece of bedding with a grooved surface to give extra cushioning for your aching joints, bones, and muscles. These mattresses are generally made with springs and specific foam to keep them firm and prevent unwanted bends when pressure is applied.

Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses

Morning Owl’s Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses have a soft yet firm stature to them, that doesn’t make you feel like you’re sleeping on a stone. Our backs get a chance to reinforce themselves while we lay down.

Benefits of Orthopaedic Latex Mattresses:

  • The high degree of orthopaedic support that orthopaedic mattresses provide to your body is the first and most evident advantage.

  • Orthopaedic mattresses, unlike regular mattresses, are made with supportive foam that conforms to your body and supports your spine as you sleep.

  • If you sleep on an ordinary mattress for 8 hours a night, you’re likely to get aches in your spine and lower back as a result of unnecessary pressure. The best bet is to sleep on an orthopaedic mattress, that are built with hard surfaces that aid to reduce such symptoms.

  • If you sleep on an old or standard mattress, you will undoubtedly turn or move numerous times throughout the night in order to achieve the ideal sleeping posture.

  • This problem is completely solved with an orthopaedic mattress, since these mattresses are created with a combination of hard and elastic qualities that allow you to attain positional comfort for a better night’s sleep.

  • When a couple sleeps on a standard mattress, the depressions created by your body’s weight are likely to induce your significant other to roll involuntarily, making you quite uncomfortable.

  • Such turmoil is managed with exceptional expertise by Morning owl’s medium firm latex orthopaedic mattress, since these mattresses are hard enough to avoid sinking.

We at Morning Owl provide three types of mattresses to choose from.

Our orthopaedic latex mattress is the 6” single size mattress with high density natural latex.

These mattresses are specifically designed for individuals suffering from acute back pain and for people in the bulkier side, who usually have a higher risk of developing spinal disorders.

It has a 6” firm latex density of 90 kg/m³ with an ILD rating of 40. In layman’s term, this means you can put all your worries at bay, when you choose to sleep on a Morning owl mattress.

Rest assured, we suggest that people who suffer from spinal disorders maintain a straight posture whenever possible and consult a doctor if the situation demands it.

And Choosing Morning Owl just guarantees a safe and sound sleep.

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