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Buy Online Latex Mattress or Offline: FAQs Answered

Since we are serving the mattress industry for the past two decades, we know the types of questions people have on their minds. One of the biggest confusion people face is whether to buy online latex mattress or offline. In this blog post, we have covered some of the most commonly asked questions about the same.

Buying a New Mattress? Confused & Worried?

When buying a new mattress, people often come across some of the major queries such as: “which mattress material is best for me?”, “which certifications must my mattress have?”, “is it okay to buy a latex mattress?”, “should I buy online latex mattress or offline?”, “is my mattress safe to sleep on”, and many more.

Considering the type of questions that are asked the most, we have compiled this blog post with the questions related to buying a mattress online or offline. Remember, we are just here to share our opinion based on our knowledge and experience but you are responsible for the decisions you make.

You must research the best brand, variant, etc. beforehand because we cannot guarantee your shopping experience. We can only suggest to you what’s more beneficial. If you are ready to get answers to your long-lived question – should I buy online latex mattress or offline, we have your back!

FAQs about Buy Online Latex Mattress vs. Offline

Here are our answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about buying a mattress online vs. offline:

Will I get more options when I buy online?

Probably yes. Although some mattress stores may really be huge and give you endless options but generally, you will not find a huge variety in mattress stores. They would only have a few mattress types and almost 6-8 variants of each mattress. However, buying online gives you countless options to navigate, explore, and find your ideal one.

Can I avail better deals online?

Yes. You will always find better deals on mattresses online rather than brick and mortar stores.

What is the most trusted website for buying a new mattress?

We only recommend buying a mattress either from the official mattress website that has over 100 verified reviews on Amazon and Flipkart or directly buy it via Amazon or Flipkart.

Is it okay to buy a used mattress online?

No. Used mattresses have higher chances of spreading allergies. If you are buying a mattress from your trusted friend online – please do it at your own risk. Or if you are considering buying a used mattress to save money, you can avail financing facility by Morning Owl to save more money and pay in convenient, interest-free installments.

What are some major benefits of buying a mattress online?

Some of the main benefits of buying a mattress online are:

·         You get better deals and discounts.

·         A larger variety is available.

·         You get flexible return and cancellation policies.

·         You get better customer service.

·         The mattress is conveniently delivered at your footsteps.

Are there any harms of buying a mattress offline?

While there are no “harms” as such, you lose the “perks” when you buy a mattress offline. Furthermore, salesmen in the stores don’t let you do proper research and brainwash you to select the product with a high commission by drifting your focus only towards it.

Will someone brainwash me while buying online?

No. This is one of the biggest benefits of buying a mattress online because you get to do deep research without anyone influencing your decision.

Are online mattresses fake or real?

If you buy from an authentic site, online mattresses are real and have great quality.

How can I avoid getting scammed while buying a mattress online?

All you have to do is buy from a trusted website.

What offers free shipping – online vs. offline mattress?

In 99% of the cases, online shopping of mattresses will give you free shipping but there are high chances of mattress stores charging you extra for it. 

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