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Buy Mattress Based on Your Sleep Position

Always Buy Mattress According to Your Body’s Requirement

There is a large array of materials that are used in the manufacturing of mattresses. Numerous brands of mattresses are available in the market based on different manufacturing, technologies, firmness & support. Each mattress is made for a different type of person. This emphasizes the fact that you must consider a few things before you buy mattress for yourself. 

Your sleep position plays a huge role in the quality and the quantity of your sleep. Regardless of what your sleeping position is, you will always face some issues until your mattress is not “perfect”. Buy mattress that’s meant for you – comfortable, supportive, and safe!

Sleep Position vs. Mattresses

The main purpose of a mattress is to support your spine and distribute the pressure points of your body. If you want to sleep relaxed and comfortable at night, your mattress should complement your sleep position. Different types of mattresses, based upon their core materials, are meant for different types of sleeping positions. 

A mattress that’s meant for a back sleeper cannot distribute pressure points of a side sleeper effectively enough. Most importantly, the firmness level required by different sleeping positions varies from mattress to mattress. So, you must buy mattress according to your preferred sleep position.

Different Mattress Types at a Glance

Before you buy mattress, read our comprehensive mattress buying guide and carefully read about the eight types of mattresses. Generally, three basic types of mattresses are highly sold and recommended by Sleep Experts. 

  • Latex: Latex is a bouncy material obtained from the sap of the rubber tree. It provides instant support to the body while contouring it. It is extremely comfortable, eco-friendly, and breathable. You must only buy mattress that is made up of natural latex and not synthetic or blended latex. A natural latex mattress is completely hypoallergenic, very cool, and free of toxins.

  • Innerspring: An innerspring mattress is a traditional mattress preferred by most of the elderly in India. It is made up of metal springs or coils that are wrapped inside layered cushiony fabric. The coils are either interconnected or separate. 

  • Memory Foam: A memory foam mattress is made using polyurethane foam and is known for its extra softness. Initially hard to touch, memory foam mattress softens within no time and uses the body heat for doing so. Hence, it sleeps hot and is also not an eco-friendly type of mattress. It has pressure-relieving properties but its lack of breathability is a huge con. 

Best Mattress for Side Sleeping

According to research conducted recently, almost 74% of people in this world choose to sleep on their sides. Side sleeping is one of the most common positions that creates pressure points in areas where the body touches the mattress the most. Back sleepers usually curl heir body due to which the spine is curved and the shoulders, as well as the hips, develop pressure points. 

Mattress Consideration for Side Sleepers

Sleeping on the sides puts a lot of strain on the back and applies more pressure to the nerves. The body weight is also towards the sides due to gravity. Hence, side sleepers must buy mattress that is very soft, highly supportive, and not at all firm. 

A memory foam mattress is plush and keeps the spine in good alignment. However, it has poor air-circulation inside due to which the sleeper is sweaty and hot at night. If you are someone who feels hot or live in a dry-humid climate, a latex mattress is the right choice for you.

Best Mattress for Back Sleeping

Sleeping on the back is the best position for the proper alignment of the spinal column. However, only 10% of people prefer this sleep position. Since this type of sleep position is not comparatively comfortable enough, back sleepers need a very comfortable mattress. People sleeping on their backs often snore while sleeping. This sleep position also forms pressure points in the lower back due to the curve and force of gravity.

Mattress Consideration for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should buy mattress that gives instant support to their spine, especially their lower back as soon as they lie down. Their mattress should be firm rather than being very soft. A latex mattress is on a firmer side as compared to a memory foam mattress. Hence, it is the best mattress for back sleeping position. Innerspring mattresses also provide a high level of support to back sleepers but don’t isolate motion transfer. 

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping is not the best sleeping position and often leads to back and neck pain. Although it helps stop snoring, it might strain the neck and lead to chronic back pain and postural deformities. It pushes the spine upward and disrupts its alignments, adding extra pressure on the chest, abdomen, and lungs.

Mattress Consideration for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers need a soft mattress their body can sink in. They should buy mattress that has a cushiony top layer of only 2” and the rest is firm enough. Such a mattress reduces the pressure on the internal organs. Latex mattresses are soft, bouncy, and good for stomach sleepers. They provide cushioning to bony areas but give support to the unnatural curve of the back. It also sleeps cool and provides acne and other skin problems. 

Buy Mattress after Consulting Your Health Care Provider

Since sleeping position plays a huge role in your health, you must consider this aspect before you replace or buy mattress. All the mattresses and their variants are hence, not made for everyone. Just like everyone is unique, all sleeping positions are special too. Your sleeping position demands that your mattress provides exclusive support to your spine.

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